It’s Carnival time and for the sugar lovers among us, that means King Cake! These days, you can have your King Cake and eat it too… and then wear it, smell it, read about it and even bathe in it. Simply eating a slice is not enough! You must burn the scent of fresh cake with this candle from Dirty Coast, then wrap presents with this ribbon and wrapping paper and then go out to dinner wearing these cake-tastic earrings. Or, maybe just pick one of these cute things? Whatever you decide, make it sweet.

The King Cake Gear You Need for Carnival

Socks, Fleurty Girl
Hat, Smock Candy
King Cake Syrup, Cocktail and Sons
Gingham Hand Towel, Royal Standard
King Cake Bath Bomb, Juju’s
King Cake Oyster Candle, Judy at the Rink 

The King Cake Gear You Need for Carnival

Little Book of King Cake, Shop at the Collection
Kids Trucker Hat, Olly Olly
King Cake Wall Plaque, Home Malone
Kids Sweatshirt, Olly Olly
King Cake Doormat, Judy at the Rink
Cufflinks, Shop at the Collection 

Upcoming Events Mardi Gras Events: 

Saturday, Jan. 21, Virgin Hotel Pop Up  

Sunday, Jan. 22, Ogden Museum Mardi Gras Market 

Sunday, Jan, 29, Little Flea Mardi Gras Market at Saint Vincent Hotel 

Ongoing – Feb. 15, Mardi Gras Head Dress Workshops at Martine Chaisson Gallery with Ellen Macomber