Last week, we brought you a few of The Knot’s predictions for 2020 wedding trends. The highlights were, guests serving themselves at the bar and a more interactive way to present reception fare

This week, we’re looking at The Knot’s trend suggestion of what they call the “Amenity Basket Upgrade.” This refers to the baskets of items such as perfume, cologne, hair spray and other toiletries placed in restrooms at hotels and during events or in powder room lounges. The Knot says that giving guests another experience while powdering their noses will be a statement-maker in 2020. “Couples are stationing magicians, interactive make-your-own scent bars and champagne stations in lounges just outside the restrooms to ensure the party doesn’t stop, even when you leave the dance floor,” said The Knot in a press release about the trend announcement. “These entertaining services are often quirky and unexpected – and give guests something to talk about for years to come.”

Not that we are against adding a little something extra to your reception celebration, but is a washroom activity what guests really need or even want? A more exciting option for perfume or something to freshen a guest up or an emergency kit (think safety pins, Band-Aids and a sewing kit) before returning to the dance floor is one thing but add too much into these areas and your guests may never return to the actual party.

We’re not sure if this trend will catch on, but we would be excited to see what some creative New Orleanians come up with for their Big Day lavatory lounges.