The Mane Event

Haircare products to keep your crowning glory shinin’ and stylin’.

This hypoallergenic and vegan powder formula is so fine it eliminates oil and adds volume and texture without feeling gritty


The lavender, geranium, grapefruit and other flower and plant essences in this formula naturally cleanses without stripping, helping to keep hair color vibrant longer


A pre-shampoo scalp treatment combining vitamins C and A, antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids, draws out impurities and removes build-up to encourage a healthy, balanced scalp


Hair is weaker when it is wet and more prone to damage. This formula makes hair hydrophobic, reducing hair swelling by 40% and maintaining the hair’s natural pH.


A powerful new range credited with making your hair four times more resistant to damage from heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution and also prevents color from fading.


Damaged hair is porous and once moisture gets into the strand, humidity is hard to stop. This product (favored by Hoda Kotb) and activated by heat waterproofs the hair leaving it silky all day long.





This article was originally published in the New Orleans Bride June/Summer 2019 issue
Categories: Beauty, Let Them Eat Cake