In the most recent issue of Acadiana Profile Magazine, New Orleans Bride’s sister publication; writers S. George and Ashley Hinson dove into the art of being a man. Though the products were focused more for the Acadiana gentleman, the tips and advice given will help anyone’s leading man look his best – which is important on your Big Day. Editor Melanie Warner Spencer explains about the feature, “The "MAN-ual" is a guide to everything from rugged style and grooming to hobbies and outdoor activities.” First up on the list is “The Beard Guide.” Whether you’re rocking muttonchops or a soul patch, “The Manual” is here to help.

-Kelly Massicot 

The Manual: Part 1Beards aren't just for hipsters. No, gents, it's well-established that beards are for men. Cajun men; and all men. Let's sling some science on the subject, shall we? A 2013 study found that "women judged faces with heavy stubble as most attractive." Researchers presented 351 women and 177 heterosexual men with photos of 10 men shown four different ways : clean-shaven, five days growth (light stubble), 10 days growth (heavy stubble) and full beard. They then asked the men and women to rate each photo according to attractiveness. Heavy stubble was a clear winner among women. ¶ This makes sense if you look at it through the evolutionary standpoint. How else is a woman supposed to know if you are a good mate or not? A beard is your mane, man. It demonstrates masculinity. Would a lion shave its beard? No. Thats ridiculous. Regardless, don't be afraid to grow out those whiskers. Society says one thing about facial hair, but our subconcious animal selves say something completely different. And, if you are a single man ready to settle down, a full beard may be a good way to attract a serious mate. The study also found that "Full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring."  Plus, who likes shaving everyday anyway? No one — thats who. More of a reason to let those locks loose. Now don't go all crazy and messy, keep it tidy, ya hear?



Products? Yes products. You think that beard behaves all on its own? No. Those things can get unruly. Stock up on the following products to keep that face mane soft, groomed and lucious.

BEARD WASH It can be difficult cleansing a beard. Soap and facial cleansers can dry out the coarse hairs, and normal shampoo may cause irritation to the skin underneath it. Check out

BEARD OIL Give your facial hair a soothing scent and help soften and condition your beard. Louisiana Beard & Facial Hair Association handmakes six beard oil blends, using only natural, organic oils and essential

Looking for a good, clean shave and experience in the city? Lucky for local gentlemen or those traveling to the city for their nuptials, there are a few barbershops to choose from in New Orleans. Aidan Gill for Men, on Magazine Street or Fulton Street, transports its clients to the golden years of the 1900s. The Art of Shaving, located on Canal Street, gives men the “royal” treatment at their Barber Spa. Magazine St. Barber Shop is all about embracing the tradition of an authentic barbershop with a modern feel.

-Kelly Massicot