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The Manual: Part 2

In the August/September 2016 issue of Acadiana Profile MagazineNew Orleans Bride’s sister publication; writers S. George and Ashley Hinson dove into the art of being a man. Though the products were focused more for the Acadiana gentleman, the tips and advice given will help anyone’s leading man look his best – which is important on your Big Day. Editor Melanie Warner Spencer explains about the feature, “The "MAN-ual" is a guide to everything from rugged style and grooming to hobbies and outdoor activities.” First up on the list was “The Beard Guide,” and now they bring you "Style For Miles." 

-Kelly Massicot

When in doubt, pull Frank Sinatra out

Old Blue Eyes is about as far from Acadiana as you can get, but is the epitome of classic manliness. Well-dressed and groomed, Frank was full of swagger. By dressing well you send out the vibes that you are confident, sophisticated and intelligent.We suggest trying this out at the next LSU or University of Louisiana at Lafayette game. (No, really.) A Men's Warehouse survey conducted by Kelton Research (take that for what you will) found that 78 percent of women think one of the sexiest things a man can do is dress well. Sixty three percent of women find a man in a suit more attractive than one in a uniform. Two studies (Journal of Experimental Psychology and European Journal of Social Psychology) determined that wearing red (or standing in front of a red background) attracts more of the opposite sex. The same is true for both genders.  So, suit up — consider a red tie or go bold with red shoes — and conduct a little experiment in animal behavior.  Geaux, tiger. Too much? Yeah, we thought so too.


Have you avoided wearing a necktie or bow-tie due to the seemingly daunting task of learning how to tie it? Tutorials abound at ties.com.

Shops (in Acadiana)

ACCESSORIES: Genterie Supply Co., in Lafayette is the place to stock up on shoes, boots, bags, shades, shirts, grooming and home goods. genterie.com

CLOTHIER: Gaidry’s Menswear in Lake Charles has you covered for casual and dressy menswear and accessories. 121 W College St, Lake Charles, (337) 474-3800

SOUTHERN STYLE: Classic clothing and accessories abound at Brothers on the Boulevard in Lafayette.brothersontheblvd.com

If you're traveling to or in the city, New Orleans has no shortage of fashionable men's clothing companies. From Magazine St. to the Central Business District, stores like Perlis Clothing, Vegas, Pelican Coast Clothing and the countless family-owned suit and tuxedo shops are perfect for any guy looking to wow at work or a wedding. 

Some of those family-owned suit and tuxedo shops can be found here.

-Kelly Massicot



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