The Manual: Part 3

In the August/September 2016 issue of Acadiana Profile MagazineNew Orleans Bride’s sister publication; writers S. George and Ashley Hinson dove into the art of being a man. Though the products were focused more for the Acadiana gentleman, the tips and advice given will help anyone’s leading man look his best – which is important on your Big Day. Editor Melanie Warner Spencer explains about the feature, “The "MAN-ual" is a guide to everything from rugged style and grooming to hobbies and outdoor activities.” First up on the list was “The Beard Guide,” part 2 gave men "Style For Miles" and now The Manuel brings you "Wise Guys." 

-Kelly Massicot

Wise Guys

Tasting, cooking and music classes polish up the rough edges of the Cajun man, but not too much


It’s easy for anyone to get caught in a routine. From eating, to dancing, to getting sucked down into the Netflix rabbit hole, getting stuck in a trap we set for ourselves feels almost inevitable, but Acadiana has loads of diverse interest groups and activities to break that vicious cycle. ¶ According to, 43 percent of men polled said watching TV is their favorite activity to do in their free time. Put the remote down! ¶ Whether it’s talking shop about a high-end or locally made whiskey, taking on a new instrument, or even learning new ways to cook Cajun favorites, there are tons of routes the enlightened Cajun man can take on his way to self-fulfillment. Classes offer a gateway into new lifestyles at all ages and clubs can foster a sense of camaraderie around common interests.


Try This

BECOME A CONNOISSEUR Charley G's offers monthly tastings ranging from wine to whiskey to beer.

LEARN TO COOK The new Tabasco cooking classes on Avery Island show attendees how to make meals with a spicy kick.

PLAY AN INSTRUMENT The Music Academy of Acadiana provides guitar, piano, drum, violin, saxophone, brass and wood instrument lessons to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill

Test out your new tasting skills at The Barrel in Broussard. This top shelf whiskey and bourbon bar has more than 75 different brands of the brown stuff and offers half shots for tasters with commitment issues. Tasting classes are in the works.

Like its Cajun neighborhoods to the West, New Orleans has no shortage of activities for the southern gentlemen. Cocktail maven Daniel Victory brings New Orleanians and beyond the opportunity to learn to make and perfect signature cocktails or enjoy a nice bourbon and whiskey tasting at his new spot Drink Lab Nola. The Southern Food & Beverage Museum (SoFab) offers a multitude of cooking demonstration and cooking classes for those looking to explore the world of food. And just about anywhere you walk in the city, sounds of brass bands and jazz tunes are heard. Catching on to a routine can be easily done, but southern Louisiana offers enough culture and diversity to keep any gent entertained. 

-Kelly Massicot


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