On March 28, fashion accessory brand Kendra Scott launches its new gemstone-inspired candle collection both in stores and online.

The four candles in the line continue the expansion of the brands home collection, which also includes desk accessories. With gemstones at the core of the Austin, Texas-based Kendra Scott empire, it’s not a surprise these four scents follow suite. The candles combine the aromas of peonies and rose petals, green ivy and blackberries and lilac blossoms.

“The Kendra Scott Candle Collection is a monumental step toward our vision of Kendra Scott as an all-encompassing lifestyle brand,” said Kendra Scott, designer and founder in a press release. “Our gemstone-inspired candles give customers the opportunity to find a scent that warms their home and matches their every mood.”

The press release goes on to describe each candle’s scent:

  • KS Signature – Subtle notes of lily and blonde woods.
  • Rose Quartz – Wild peony and rose petals with vanilla and raspberry nectar.
  • Malachite – Woodsy green ivy balanced with notes of frankincense and warm amber.
  • Amethyst – Blackberry and lilac blossoms with a background of sandalwood.

The Perfect Ac-scent

The tumbler (8 ounce) candle retails for $65, a smaller votive (3 ounce) is $25 and a votive gift set of three candles is $70.

Additionally, the lid of the candle is also decorative coaster to place under the candle when burning it.

Slip these candles into a wedding guest welcome basket, add them in as part of a bridesmaid “ask,” or give as a wedding or shower gift to the couple.

The Perfect Ac-scent


Kendra Scott, 5757 Magazine St., Unit C, kendrascott.com