NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Your favorite local nautical dance krewe is turning 10 years old! The Sirens of New Orleans have been proudly parading down the streets of New Orleans for a decade, shimmering in only the way mermaids know how.

Once upon a time in 2010, a group of New Orleans women decided they wanted to dance, but their dream was bigger than that. They realized they wanted to start something that encompassed not only the spirit and spectacle of Carnival, but also the camaraderie and community of the unique take on Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They created the Sirens with a vision of a krewe that would shimmy and shake during the dizzying days of the Carnival season and would spend the rest of the year improving the health and wellness of women and children in the New Orleans community and supporting the education of marine life, nautical interest, and things that are NOLA-centric.

In a short time, the dream has grown and evolved into the Sirens of New Orleans. Today, we are made up of 85 dancing mermaids and the Sailor Corps, a support corps made up of over 70 sailors and pirates who walk with us during parades and lend their energy and expertise to our charitable efforts throughout the year. Over the past 10 seasons, we have danced hundreds of miles and donated tens of thousands of dollars and hours to local and neighboring charities.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we will be unveiling our newly rebuilt pirate ship called the Nereus named after the god of the sea. She has become an ionic harbinger of the Sirens approach and will be fiercely leading our way on her maiden voyage as she transforms the streets of New Orleans into an ocean of shimmer. We will also be handing out commemorative season 10 throws as well as our coveted and glittering Message in a Bottles. For our 10th Mardi Gras season, look for us shakin’ it in the parades Krewe of Cleopatra, Krewe of Nyx and Krewe d’états.