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A recap of New Orleans Bride Magazine’s January Bridal Show

“There was a line all the way down Loyola [Street] and the exit off of the interstate was backed up,” was a statement I overheard while picking up a smoothie Wednesday morning. With that kind of traffic there’s no way the New Orleans Bride Magazine January 2015 bridal show the night before was anything less than a hit.

Wedding professionals from around the Greater New Orleans area lined the halls of the Hyatt Regency conference room ready and waiting to help more than 500 brides find the pieces to their perfect wedding puzzle.

Food, door prizes and champagne were flowing throughout the evening with samples of cake and catering at the ready.

In case you missed it, we wanted to bring you a few highlights from the show as well as the WGNO TV coverage, featuring an interview with New Orleans Bride Magazine’s editor, Melanie Warner Spencer, as well as a few of the more than 150 vendors who participated in the event.



The Renaissance Publishing team was taking tickets and greeting guests as they walked through the grand, rustic wood trellis entrance adorned with greenery, flowers and candles. The entry by Blaine Kern and Mardi Gras World, set the stage for the event.


Prior to the show, vendors spent a few hours getting ready to meet and greet with all of the New Orleans brides. 



Upon entering, guests were met by the champagne goddess. 


After the doors opened, hundreds of brides-to-be, and their friends and family lined the hall ready to meet the vendors. 

John's Tuxedo


The booths were decked out with all manner of wedding bling.

Bee's Wedding and Events with Blue Skies Events NOLA

Brittney Rays Florist and Royal Event Rental 


The cake decorations were out of this world. 

Joe Gambino's Bakery


And the fashion did not disappoint. 

Linda Lee Bridal and Ladies & Gents Formal Wear


Here is a look at the WGNO TV segment.



Editor Melanie Warner Spencer and the rest of the New Orleans Bride Magazine hope to see you at our next bridal show in June! 



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