So far it is just wishful thinking, but a lot of people are thinking it: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a startup daily as the once grand Times-Picayune continues to devolve? (Last week some key employees who were offered jobs by the Newhouse gang turned them down. Rapidly the new operation is losing institutional memory.)
Here are some suggested names. If you have any ideas, let us know.
Rationale: I’ll confess, this suggestion came from a colleague. I like it in that it takes a swipe at Steven Newhouse’s insensitive use of the word “noise” to describe the reaction in New Orleans on the day that there was a round of firings.
Advantages: Any swipes taken at Newhouse, who is not only damaging local journalism but also embarrassing the city, are good and certainly worthwhile.
Disadvantages: We don’t need any links to Newhouse. Also, enough with the “NOLA,” we’re New Orleans.
Rationale: This is a throwback to an early French language newspaper that operated in the city. The name translates to “The Bee.”
Advantages: This is a good metaphor for a newspaper that creates a lot of buzz and has a lot of sting.
Disadvantages: Pronunciation of the name will get butchered in a town that stopped speaking French two centuries ago.
Rationale: Another throwback name referring to a spirited literary magazine that once operated in the city.
Advantages: It is a rather curious name and it does remind people that New Orleans does indeed have a literary heritage.
Disadvantage: Name sounds like something Jim Letten would want to keep an eye on.
Rationale: This is a playful acknowledgement of the word “picayune” which was a Spanish coin that was the original cost of the newspaper.
Advantage: If a copy does indeed cost a dollar there will be no confusion.
Disadvantage: I know, its kind of dumb—just thought I would mention it.
Rationale: This is a great name that refers to a people who over a decade had to withstand two damaging forces form the east; Katrina and the Newhouse gang.
Advantages: Revival also has a soulful gospel music connotation. It is a good word that speaks for all elements of the community.
Disadvantage: Only disadvantage is that there is one name that is slightly better and it is…
Rationale: Incorporates blasting out a message and the city’s Jazz heritage.
Advantages: Name is perfect for New Orleans. A trumpet can be a devise for fanfare, solemnity and joyful notice. Yes, noise, Mr. Newhouse.
Disadvantage: There is none.
Whatever the name, I have a suggestion for a slogan to describe the initiative. Maybe there should even be buttons printed: