We’re all still trying to navigate COVID-era weddings. But no matter what New Orleans is faced with – like currently dodging a hurricane – food is always our unifier. Food brings us together and, besides a good party, is one of the things that defines New Orleans.

While ceremonies and receptions don’t exactly look the same as in years past, party favors are still a simple, fun aspect of weddings that can show the couple’s personality, while giving your (limited number of) guests an edible piece of the Big Easy to remember you by.




Aunt Sally’s has been making pralines for New Orleans and beyond for 85 years.



From Plum Street Snoballs to Snola Snowballs, many local snoball businesses have traveling accommodations perfect to set up right outside your reception.


Cocktail + Creative

Not only can Cocktail + Creative come and revamp your reception bar, but they also offer cocktail mixers in multiple flavors and sizes to gift your wedding guests a little bit of a party to take home with them.


Zapps Potato Chips

This may not seem chic, but they are sure to be a crowd pleaser! You can’t go wrong with the original flavor, but spice your options up with Voodoo, Spicy Cajun Crawtators or Salt & Vinegar.


Pontchatoula Strawberries

After assuring they’re in season, Pontchatoula strawberries are always delicious. Pop in a jam or strawberry margarita recipe and have your gift keep on giving even after the wedding.


Hot Sauce

Whether you’re Team Tabasco or Team Crystal, get a few mini bottles for your guests to take home. Add a little tag or card that explains why you chose it or offer a late-night bite that is a perfect match with the hot sauce.



Beignets, like the king cake, are a must when making your way to New Orleans and the French Quarter. Many catering companies offer a beignet option, but we have Café du Monde, Café Beignet and more around the city ready to add to your party favors.


French Truck Coffee

Prepare your friends and family for a post-celebration cup of coffee or those wanting to wind down the night with a cup of Joe.


Mini King Cakes

King cakes are quintessential New Orleans food. Haydel’s Bakery sells individually packed mini king cakes available for purchase.