As many of you know, I was one of the lucky humans to visit outer space recently. No, it was not with Branson or Bezos; I was on the rocket built by Joe Lotrglio. I am told that we went to the moon and back, but I don’t really remember much after I took the vitamins this guy who said he was the Mission Director gave me in the hotel room in Kenner where we met to suit up.

Don’t hate me for my extra-terrestrial experience, people.

When I read articles about how a large percentage of Americans get their news from social media I don’t really know how to relate. I am not great about checking Facebook, I haven’t been on Twitter in several years and that is actually all of the social media I know. I mean, there’s a thing called “Insta,” and then there’s TikTok and Discord and I do have a slack account now that I think of it.

Maybe I should pay more attention, though, because recently I found out about a restaurant from a Facebook advertisement.

The restaurant in question is Eburnieya, which serves the cuisine of the Ivory Coast and it is delivery-only for the time being. I’ll be writing more about the place in the next week or two, I hope. Until then, if you’ve tried their food, please let me know what you thought.

I very much hope I never write an article as tone-deaf as the one posted recently on Atlas Obscura about the FARC, in Columbia. There were no “good” sides in that conflict but the FARC were pretty bad and while I respect the idea behind rehabilitation the article in question perhaps glossed over some of the more troubling aspects of FARC’s behavior. Particularly the part where they more or less stole the majority of their food from the rural people on whose behalf they were ostensibly fighting.

Credit to Eater for reporting on the restaurants in New Orleans that received the largest Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants. I don’t know how to react to the news that two of the top ten recipients include RCI Entertainment, which operates Rick’s “Cabaret,” and American Restaurant, Inc., which runs the Penthouse Club.

Many, many years ago someone told me that one of the gentlemen’s clubs downtown had a good lunch special. I do not frequent either establishment but if I did I suspect the reason would not be to have a meal.

I would be very curious to know whether the food at either place is any good. I’m not curious enough to investigate myself, mind you, so if anyone can relay a story, I’d appreciate it.

I also learned recently through reporting by Ian McNulty that Korea House has closed in Fat City.  It was the first place I ate really good Korean food, and I will miss the conversations I had with Ms. Kim every time I dined there. I will also miss the little dishes of banchan that always came out before the meal and I will miss the dol sot bibimbap; a dish that opened my eyes (and my palate) to a new world of flavor and texture.