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A beauty tip we all can afford.

Why is water so important? One reason: the benefits of drinking water for skin and body are numerous. I know, you’ve probably heard “Drink lots of water every day” so many times before; but will water really improve the appearance of your skin? While not everyone agrees eight glasses of water a day will have any effect on your skin, after personally challenging myself over the last month to drink more water, my experience and answer is a resounding “yes!”

benefits of water
Many people (like me) spend their days in a state of mild dehydration, consuming far fewer fluids than they should.

Our bodies are comprised of approximately 60 percent water. Yet we tend to think, well, if I’m stranded on a deserted isle I’ll find drinking water but here on the mainland I’ll enjoy cocktails, sodas and flavored drinks first!

Skin is our largest organ, so naturally it’s intricately tied to the overall health of your body. When your body is properly hydrated you’ll look and feel better. What did I personally notice after my month of proper hydration?

Right off the bat I noticed a more radiant complexion, clearer eyes and a disappearance of puffiness – dark under eye circles looked better as well.

So where does water get its mojo? Well, behind the scenes, water carries nutrients to every cell in your body and flushes out icky toxins, lubricates your joints and improves circulation and blood flow.

Okay, you’re in – but how much to drink? The Mayo Clinic suggests using “8X8” as a guideline: 8 glasses, 8 ounces each, of fluid daily. You may need even more if you’re exercising, live in hot weather or living in heated indoor air, because each can cause your body to lose water. Increased water output requires increased water input.

Note: Illness, pregnancy and breastfeeding are special situations that demand greater fluid consumption as well.

but don’t over do it
Drinking too much water, however, may lead to a rare condition called hyponatremia. Marathon runners, the elderly and people with certain medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure and cirrhosis, are most at risk.

Always check with your physician for recommended fluid consumption.

thinking outside of the glass
Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy skin will satisfy some of your body’s fluid requirement. A bonus is that they’re loaded with anti-aging antioxidants!

Count milk, juice and other healthy beverages as part of your daily total. Try diluting fruit juice with sparkling water for a tasty drink with fewer calories. Relax with a soothing cup of herbal tea. Just make sure that most of your daily fluid is pure, clear water.

how do you know if you’re consuming enough water?
Is your thirst quenched? Do you feel good? Lots of trips to the bathroom!

realistic expectations
There are numerous health benefits of drinking water. For your skin and your general well-being, water is critical. My complexion and my energy are happy when I pay attention to my fluid intake.

However, water isn’t a cure-all. Water won’t eliminate dry skin if the cause is inadequate oil. Follow your dry skin guidelines as well.

But water is the ideal liquid refreshment. Go ahead and reap the benefits of drinking water
for your skin. You will have a healthier body and a healthier you! And with all the pennies you’re saving not drinking sodas and prepared drinks, set a little aside to donate to any and all who’re dedicated to saving our Gulf!

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