Nor am I playing at Magritte. I simply have too much respect for you to pretend that I could “fool” you. Also, I forgot it was going to be April 1 when I wrote this piece. If you are disappointed, I suggest you consider this piece as a part of a larger work – my surrealist take on food writing – a work which I fear will only be recognized in the distant future when the sun dims.

I was driving to City Park the weekend before last when I saw the new location of Morning Call at the intersection of Canal Blvd. and City Park Ave. That was the weekend before it opened, as reported by Mr. McNulty. I haven’t been in to check it out, and will report when I do. I have fond memories of the beignets at both their City Park and Metairie locations.

There was a magazine shop next to the one in Metairie, and my parents used to let me pick out something to read while we ate. And I remember getting powdered sugar on the live oaks in City Park we’d climb while our parents drank coffee. I’ve taken all of my kids for beignets, and I suspect I’ll be taking them to the new joint.

I had an excellent meal recently at Compère Lapin, but I had the same problem I do every time I go there: do I order anything other than the goat curry? The thing is that I really like their goat curry, and while I’ve also liked just about everything I’ve had there, not much has made me happier than the goat curry.

I am adventurous, and I like to try new things, but I also like to be happy and the goat curry makes me happy. This is not actually a problem, of course, and if it is the most difficult decision I have to make on a particular evening, I’m ok.

Compère Lapin shares something in common with GW Fins; they have outstanding biscuits. Those are an easy order for the table at chef Compton’s restaurant, and I would add the crispy pig ears too, because those were delicious.

Speaking of GW Fins, and I was, they are running a program whereby you can pay whatever you want for their Fins Wings appetizer, with all of the proceeds going to First Tee, an organization that helps a lot of kids locally. The Fins Wings are not, in fact, “wings,” but rather the collar of a fish – and which fish depends on what they’ve got in stock – with the fin still attached. It’s part of the fish that’s generally discarded, but there’s a lot of flavor in it. It’s a great dish and my guess is that most people who order it will pay more than the $14 it normally costs, since the funds are going to a good cause.

I am delighted to announce that I have received my vaccination doses, and I encourage you to do so as well. The aftermath of the second shot was not pleasant, but I feel a whole lot better about being around family members who are at higher risk of a bad outcome from the virus and about being in public, generally. And even at my advanced age the second shot was like having a mild case of the flu for about 36 hours. Very much worth it, and you should check out the City’s website for more information on how to obtain a shot locally.