This Week's Lineup

As we stagger through the post-Mardi Gras haze, there is a lot going on to distract us from the reality of the world to which we have so reluctantly returned. There are a number of outstanding shows to see over the next week. Tonight local songstress Kristin Diable will be at One Eyed Jacks celebrating the release of her new record Create Your Own Mythology, which hit stores on Tuesday. I have already fallen in love with this album. Diable was able to marry contemporary Americana with her roots to produce a distinctly local sound. A little deeper into the Quarter, Marco Benevento will be at the Blue Nile. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing one of Benevento’s shows at the Nile, don’t wait till Jazzfest. Benevento is a pioneer in the realm of circuit bent instruments (electronic instruments, toys, effects pedals, etc. which have been modified to produce a unique sound). You never know what instruments he will have with him or what sound he will ultimately achieve. This is a great opportunity to see one of his shows without the crowding of the late night Jazzfest shows. Note that this is the late show at Blue Nile so it should start 11ish (emphasis on the ish). 

If you are feeling a little more classic, there are two excellent young acts descended from the 70s psychedelic scene in town this week as well. On Friday night Ecstatic Vision will be playing at Siberia and Tuesday night DRGN King will be playing at the Hi-Ho Lounge. Although both of these bands are based in Philadelphia, they are clearly informed by the Boston Sound. 

I also want to highlight a unique collaboration between the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Gordon Gano (lead singer of the Violent Femmes). On Friday at One Eyed Jacks they will once again join forces for a night of music from both of their catalogues. I have really enjoyed watching the Ramblers push zydeco in new directions over the past few years. This collaboration between the Ramblers and Gano definitely added new dimensions to the Ramblers’ recent record. I look forward to where this continued alliance will take them. 

Check out songs from all of these bands here.

In new music this week both of Montreal and Lady Lamb have made their new records available for streaming online. This is fortuitous as both of these powerful acts will be visiting us in April. I especially recommend the Lady Lamb record. Aly Spaltro has managed to outdo her incomparable debut record with an album that is both explosive and highly refined. If you are interested in what the future of American rock and folk sounds like, look here first. Both of these records will be out March 3rd.

Hear Lady Lamb via Rolling Stone.

Hear of Montreal via NPR.

Finally, Deathcab for Cutie have released another track from their upcoming record “No Room in Frame” check it out here.



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