Thomas R. Kimball, MD

Thomas R. Kimball, MD

Dr. Thomas Kimball’s career began as he accompanied his father, an adult cardiologist, on rounds with his patients. It was fascinating work, but even as a child, Dr. Kimball wanted to focus on children.

Since the days spent with his dad, Dr. Kimball has become a pediatric cardiologist and was recently named Chief of Pediatric Cardiology and Co-Director of The Heart Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans, following over 30 years at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Kimball specializes primarily in echocardiography, with research into the use of echocardiography to explore health effects of conditions ranging from juvenile diabetes, obesity and sleep apnea.

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Kimball enjoys hobbies including photography and running—he has run over 70 marathons and has run a marathon in every state, becoming a member of “The 50 State Club.”

Children’s Hospital, 200 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans
(504) 896-9751 |

Thomas R. Kimball, MD

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