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Tips From the Pros for Frizz-Free Hair


The Louisiana heat is a torture test for hair. The minute you step outside the AC, your hair can turn into a frizzy mess. Fortunately, an updo is a failsafe way of having a good hair day, on your Big Day. Talking to experts, we learned about some of the most popular styles to beat the sweltering heat.

Brenda McField, owner and lead stylist with Mariposa Salon & Spa in New Orleans, advises, “A messy bun or chignon is a beautiful look on any bride. We take the hair up and pin it either at the back or on the side. We can sweep most of the hair off the face to keep the bride cool while pulling a few curls down for a softer effect. By using the right products, we are able to set this look to last all day and night, without it looking too stiff or too formal. It works with any hair type or texture and we can even add extensions to create the same effect for brides with shorter hair. It is also a very flexible style, so when brides come in for their trial appointment, which we strongly recommend, we can adapt the look to their dress and neckline as well as the shape of their face and any jewelry they will be wearing. It really is about creating an overall look that is unique to each person.”

Dianna Thomas-Weder, owner, stylist and make-up artist for Salon D Nola, has been working with hometown and destination brides for many years. Thomas-Weder tells us, “A style that is really popular is the half updo. It takes some hair off the face so it keeps you cool, but you still have flowing waves for a very romantic look. We take the hair and braid it around the crown of the head or on the sides. We can leave pieces floating down or we can pin those pieces back with fresh flowers, ribbons or pretty, sparkly hairpins. It is an easy way to personalize your look and incorporate some of the colors of the wedding.

“We blow out the rest of the hair and then work it into soft beachy waves or curls. It is a win-win look because it is very natural but it will stay in place even until the next day. When you take out the braid, the waves just blend together into a flattering easy style.”

April Lopez Mayley, stylist at David Falcon Salon in uptown New Orleans suggests, “On a bride’s wedding day, as soon as her hair is done she starts to relax. She starts to feel like a bride and her confidence that she is going to look her best starts to shine through. A ponytail is a fun way to create a beautiful style that can withstand humidity and air conditioning without wilting or turning frizzy. A pony can also be adapted for a sleek, boho, romantic or vintage look depending on what the bride’s wedding style is. It is also a perfect way to show off the bride’s face, which we can frame with loose curls or a side bang. Depending on what kind of headpiece a bride is wearing we can take it high, low or even to the side. For thinner hair, we can add volume with extensions and it is a great way to tame thicker tresses. If we have enough time in advance, we can work in highlights and lowlights to create a very pretty effect.”

With a little planning and preparation, your hair can be one less thing to worry about!




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