NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Spring cleaning is in full swing, and there’s no better time to declutter the home. Use these tips from storage experts Zippy Shell of Louisiana, a local portable storage and moving company, to clean, purge and declutter your home in time for summer break.

“Each year, we accumulate more and more things, even if we’re not increasing our living space. Decluttering a home can help families feel more relaxed and less anxious about space and storage,” said Joanell Jacques, general manager of Zippy Shell of Louisiana.

  • Prioritize the Purge: Be ruthless when it comes to evaluating your clothes, home goods, kitchen wares, tools and more. Sell, donate or throw away belongings you no longer want or need to lighten the load.
  • Kick-Up the Kitchen: It’s easy to get sucked into purchasing kitchen gadgets you think will get a lot of use, but only collect dust for years (looking at you, tomato corer). Take out all kitchen tools, cookware and utensils. Assess each item for how often you use it. If it’s less than every other month, consider donating it.
  • Invest in Containers: Disorganization often stems from not having the right tools. Combat this problem by investing in clear, uniform containers for the kitchen, bathroom and garage. Place similar items in these containers so that you can easily see what’s in each one—and access them when needed.
  • Designate a Home for Everything: Find a place for every item in the home. For things that are used daily or weekly, ensure they are easily accessible. Seasonal or infrequently used items can be stored in places that are harder-to-reach or in attics or basements. When you see something out of place, take a few minutes to put it back that same day.
  • Get in a Routine: Keeping a home decluttered and organized takes time. However, by investing just a few minutes a day, you’ll be further along than if you let things pile up again. Take time every day to put away things like laundry, toys and countertop clutter.
  • Plan the Next Purge: Schedule major cleanouts a few times a year. Find weekends at least two-to-three times per year to clean out the kitchen, closet, garage or other areas. Put those dates on the calendar so you can plan for them. It’s easier to follow through on commitments when you have scheduled the time.
  • Consider Long-term Storage: For seasonal items, furniture or goods you may not need for six months or more, consider storing the items at an off-site location. By storing your things in a climate-controlled environment, you’ll free up space at home while not having to get rid of precious family heirlooms, decorations or furniture.

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