Q: What sets Titan Construction apart?
A: When a client moves into their home, they are always eager and excited to let everyone know how pleased they are with the finished product. Our clients frequently tell others that Titan made the home building process easier and smoother than they could have ever imagined. It is this continuous recognition that encourages us to continue serving New Orleans as one of the city’s premier home builders.

Q: Why do you love being a builder?
A: Not only does my work provide someone with the opportunity to make a home, but the work we do lasts for decades. As I drive throughout the city, I find a sense of pride in my ability to identify the variety of fabulous homes we have built over the past 25 years.

Q: What is the greatest challenge as a home builder?
A: My line of work allows me to interact with a variety of talented, unique individuals on a daily basis. Whether I am working with a homeowner or a subcontractor, the exposure I gain from these interactions give me a chance to gain perspective and learn what inspires them within the home building process. One day I might be working with homeowners on their budget, and the next I am scheduling construction crews and contractors. As a home builder, I am able to get a glimpse at all areas of this industry. This experience and exposure allows us to overcome some of the challenges other builders may come across.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?
A: Inspiration for our builds comes from all over the city. The eclectic, colorful personality of New Orleans and its people, inspires unique, historically rich architecture. You can’t help but to be inspired in New Orleans—all you have to do is wake up and step outside.


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Titan Construction
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