Tom Neyhart

CEO, PosiGen
photo by cheryl gerber

For many families, choosing renewable energy options isn’t only a way to help the environment, but also a great practice for cutting costs. In post-Katrina New Orleans, for instance, many residents chose energy efficient and solar programs for their rebuilding process. However, many of these options presented a high barrier to entry for low- to middle-income families. FICO scores or household incomes restricted access for some residents. Looking to break these barriers, PosiGen was created to offer clean, renewable energy options for all people.

By providing energy efficient power to a segment of population that had been overlooked, the company experienced rapid growth and success. In its early phases, PosiGen teamed up with solar and energy efficiency companies for help, but the startup’s growth soon outpaced their capacity. Now, PosiGen operates as its own solar and energy company, and has completed 10,000 installations. With operations in Louisiana, Connecticut and New York, PosiGen shows no signs of slowing.

By pairing efficient energy with solar technology, the people of PosiGen can create individualized solar power solutions for each household. The solar panels can take sunlight and transform it into usable, renewable energy for families. This source of power is both kinder to the environment and also less expensive for households.

Through its success, the company’s goal has remained the same: To provide families with financial stability via solar power. As soon as the solar components are installed, the families can experience savings right away.

“Some people believe it’s too good to be true,” says CEO Tom Neyhart. “It’s cash back in their pocket in the first year.”
In general, Neyhart sees PosiGen as a company that offers a hand up to deserving families who want to improve their home. By helping his customers save money, Neyhart and PosiGen can continue to improve local communities. Basically, this company proves that helping the environment, as well as deserving people in the community, can be great for business as well. 

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