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We know, the Saints have only played six games, but the off week caused us to go into withdrawal which could only be remedied by contemplating what we have seen so far.
(Listed in ascending order)
5.The Blocked Field Goal. By the time this Falcon’s field goal attempt was blocked in the Emotion Bowl, otherwise known as the dome-opener Monday Night Football game, Saints fans were already giddy over the way their team was playing. But this was not any old blocked field goal, it was a stop of an attempt by Morten Andersen former local hero turned nemeses. There is nothing like a victory sweetened by revenge.
4. The Blocked Punt. The game against the Falcons was not two minutes old when Steve Gleason crashed through the line to block a field goal attempt which was covered in the end zone for a Saints touchdown. Before some fans had found their seats the Saints were already up 7-0, and though they would score more, that would have been all the points they needed to cover Atlanta’s lone field goal.
3. The run. Through four games and a half the long-anticipated first touchdown by Reggie Bush had not occurred. But then in the fourth quarter of the game against a feisty Tampa Bay team, Bush fielded a punt and ran to the right weaving along the way for sixty yards then barreling across the goal line. But wait! The referee dropped a flag near mid-field. There was a moan. The run was going to be called back. But wait- again! The call was against Tampa Bay ! There was a second blast of cheers! The dome crowd erupted chanting “Reg-gie Reg-gie Reg-gie” while wondering when they would see his second touchdown.
2. The razzle-dazzle. With the Saints in scoring position against the Falcons, Drew Brees handed off to Reggie Bush who ran to the left drawing Falcons with him, but in an instant Bust handed off to Devery Henderson who ran to the right and then to the sideline. As Henderson neared the goal line, a Falcon was ready to pounce on him but he was blocked by no other than Brees who started the play and watched as Henderson crossed the goal line. The Saints first Offensive post-Katrina touchdown in the dome may have been their most dramatic ever.
1. The drive. This was really a series of plays. Anyone who was watching would learn that the Saints were a well disciplined team to be taken seriously. With 8:26 minutes left in the game and the Saints deep in Philadelphia Eagle territory, and with the game tied 24-24, the Offense began a sustained, time-consuming drive. A pass to Bush, a run by Deuce, a catch by Joe Horne, a timely penalty against the Eagles. By the time the Saints reached easy field goal territory the Eagles were out of time outs. With crafty clock management the time was run down to three seconds when place kicker John Carney trotted on the field to deliver the winning points while the Eagles’ Donovan McNabb, one of the league’s best quarterbacks, looked helplessly. Here was a team working as a unit while showing physical ability and smartness. Going into the off week, you had to believe, there were many more big plays to come.
Let us know what you think. Any comments about Top Saints plays? Write to elaborde@renaissancepublishingllc.com. For the subject line use SAINTS PLAYS. All responses are subject to being published, as edited, in this newsletter. Please include your name and location.

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