Top Female Achievers 2016





Honoring Top Female Achievers is one of our more established traditions. It is also a practice that’s both easy and complex. The easy part is finding worthy candidates, for the list is long. The complex part is narrowing then down. The best we can do is provide samplings and to learn what we can. Each honoree has a story to tell, but we went a step further and asked them about the influences in their lives – yet another story quite often involving other women. The stories continue, as does the achieving.

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 Ann Henderson Tilton M.D.

Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics;
Section Chair of Child Neurology,
Louisiana State Health Science Center


Ashley Shabankareh

Director of Programs, Preservation Hall


Jesmyn Ward

Author; Associate Professor of English,
Tulane University


Carney Anne Nasser

Senior Counsel for Wildlife and Regulatory
Affairs, Animal Legal Defense Fund


Brandy Christian

Chief Operating Officer and Future
President/CEO, Port of New Orleans


Amy Boyle Collins

Director of Strategy, Gambel Communications


Jennifer Kelly

Owner and Principal Designer, Design Lab


Nicole Webre

Owner, Webre Consulting; Real Estate
Developer; Zoning and Permitting Consultant


Captain Katherine Jahncke

Fire Education Officer, New Orleans Fire Department


Tracee Dundas

Founder, New Orleans Fashion Week