Lai Lee, Daniel Martiny, Cynthia Lee Sheng and Stewart Sheng

Dennis Woltering, Dionne Butler, Sally-Ann Roberts, Eric Paulsen and Val Amedee

Gregory Rusovich, Cynthia Molyneux and William Renton

Tuesday, March 18, at noon, law-abiding citizens met at the New Orleans Riverside Hilton for the 23rd Annual Crimestoppers Luncheon.

Attendees comprised local and federal law enforcers, members of the greater New Orleans business community, as well as keynote speaker U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.
Letten addressed attendees on crime in New Orleans, citizen involvement and the benefit of organizations like Crimestoppers. Letten also commended Crimestoppers’ “Safe Schools Program,” started in St. Charles Parish in 2003 and now in five parishes, which has set up internet and telephone hotlines for adolescents in public schools to anonymously report tips on campus and neighborhood crimes for cash rewards.

After Letten’s timely speech, Crimestoppers presented honors to individuals and corporations that have supported crime-fighting initiatives.

A special award was presented to Sgt. Maj. Manuel R. Curry, NOPD, who has been with the force since 1946. Additional awards were presented to: Lt. Russell Lloyd, Gretna Police Department; Capt. Dennis Thornton, JPSO; Officer Juan Barnes, NOPD; Sgt. Michael Crawford, NOPD; Maj. Sam Zinna, St. Charles Parish; Capt. Craig Poche, St. James Parish; and Capt. Kevin Foltz, Slidell Police Department.

Additional honorees included: William Goldring; William J. Rendon, Jr.; Gayle Sloan of St. Tammany Parish Schools; Carol Mancuso, director of School Safety and Discipline for Jefferson Parish School Board; and Kriss Fairbairn, for her weekly Crimestoppers report.

Corporate honorees included: the New Orleans Crime Coalition; WDSU/News Channel 6; WWL-TV; CBS; and Laurel Communications.

The Crimestoppers organization raises money to provide cash rewards for individuals providing police with tips on crimes. The luncheon was held in memory of James J. Coleman Sr., Crimestopper and philanthropist.