Lil’ Yats Art Studio


Give the gift of Art & Play to the Lil’ Yat(s) in your life! Gift cards can be purchased for a visit or in any nominal denomination.




Treating The Kids

Louisiana Children’s Museum


With a little imagination and our new line of knitted puppets, you can turn an ordinary summer day into a whimsical adventure. Playing with puppets has been shown to help kids improve their motor skills and build emotional development. Available now at the Museum Store, starting at $24.95.




Treating The Kids

Love Swimming


The Mermaid™ monofin comes in three colors and is adjustable, it instantly transforms any swimmer into a mermaid. The Mermaid™ monofin encourages young explorers to experience the magic of swimming. Mermaid™ monofin teaches an equal use of up and down kicks allowing swimmers to gracefully glide like real mermaids.




Treating The Kids

Perlis Clothing

6070 Magazine St., 504 895-8661
600 Decatur St., French Quarter, 504 523-6681
1281 N. Causeway Blvd,, Mandeville, 985-674-1711
8366 Jefferson Highway, Baton Rouge, 225-926-5909

The iconic Perlis crawfish logo shines on this genuine harness leather belt. Its dark brown finish goes with khakis, jeans and shorts and comes in sizes 22-30. Select belt a size up from pants size for the best fit.




Treating The Kids

Mignon For Children

Instagram: @Mignon_Nola

Come to Mignon for Children for all of your child’s needs! We have everything from this cute swimsuit to dresses and shoes.