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Arguably, we could all agree that it’s time for 2020 to say goodbye. As the holiday season starts, many are looking ahead to Jan. 1, 2021. Similarly, major authorities in the wedding industry are releasing reports on wedding trends and what we’re expected to see in the coming year.

Online wedding planning and registry site recently released its top eight trends for 2021. “Our top 2021 wedding trends are all about thinking big—even if your guest list might be a little smaller,” read a press release about the trends. “From bold decor to an emphasis on entertainment, 2021 weddings are all about making a statement.”

  • Creative Guests Lists – The first trend WeddingWire highlighted is very on brand for coronavirus adjustments, with couples getting creative on how their invited guests can enjoy their wedding. The breakdown says couples are not only opting for livestreaming their wedding, but also planning multiple celebrations or staggering arrival times for different guests. All in all, they believe microweddings don’t need to be a must and couples are opting for different ways to include their entire guest list in their wedding celebration.
  • Big, Bold & Hyper-Detailed Décor – A big trend for 2021 according to WeddingWire will be over-the-top wedding décor to compensate for a smaller wedding celebration. The company says color schemes of light, airy blues and lavenders; ‘60s inspired chartreuse and peach; and ‘90s rainbow, colorful color schemes will all be popular in the coming year. In addition to a bold color choice, WeddingWire says prepare to see dramatic, oversized floral installations that include grand ceremony backdrops and floral chandeliers, with lighting becoming a bigger player to complement the dramatic décor.
  • Nod to Nostalgia – Essentially following suite of the hyper-detailed décor, more couples are said to look back at their parent’s generation or to their own childhood when planning many aspects of their weddings. The dreamy aesthetics of the ‘60s and ‘70s are coming back in a big way, according to WeddingWire, as well as looking back to the ‘90s for fun additions like food and beverage options including Capri-Suns, Pop Tarts, Dunkaroos and more nostalgic goodness.
  • Restaurant-Style Vibes – We see this trend taking shape during pandemic restrictions. WeddingWire says receptions, while trying to keep COVID safety protocols in place, will become more like dining at a top restaurant. Seating charts will become more focused on social distancing “pods” or families and the reception layout taking on many shapes or sizes.
  • Emphasis on Entertainment – This is the one trend that we’re a little hesitant to get behind, but WeddingWire says DJs and bands are not only acting as entertainment, but also emcees that introduce other forms of entertainment like stand-up comedians, celebrity impersonators and costumed dancers. This particular trend has more of an ability to be either an excellent addition to a wedding or a recipe for awkward disaster.
  • Weekday Weddings – Not only does a weekday wedding save some money, but also because many couples had to postpone their 2020 weddings, options in 2021 are limited. A wedding scheduled for a Monday versus a Saturday is looking like a 2021 norm.
  • Personalized Service – Because crowding at a buffet table or a bar is not COVID-friendly, WeddingWire says personalized services like bento box hors d’oeurvres or individual charcuterie boards that are delivered directly to the guest will grow in popularity to replace any traditional, possibly germ-spreading stations.
  • Fun, Functional Giveaways – Because of new norms emerging while living in a pandemic, wedding favors or gifts for guests are taking on a new look. Couples are opting for hand sanitizing stations, customized masks for individual guests or creative, practical and COVID-friendly giveaways presented to guests at their assigned seat or given out individually like the personalized bento boxes previously mentioned.



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What do you think of these 2021 trend predictions? Did you add any of these to your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.




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