Executive Director of Operations, Cox Communications

What is even more impressive than being half of an 18-year marriage with two children – Blythe, 15 and Brennan, 9? Providing cross-functional leadership and overseeing local market operations in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Bernard parishes as the Executive Director of Operations for Cox Communications.

Troy Broussard does both. “By working closely with area leaders,” Broussard says, “I work to identify process improvements and implement solutions to help move our business forward.” He also serves as “the voice of our employees, our customers, key community leaders and the communities we serve.”

A 16-year telecommunications and Desert Storm Gulf War veteran, his long-term goal with Cox is to “lead our New Orleans market employees’ efforts to deliver our Cox vision, which is to be the most trusted provider of communication and entertainment services in America … while continuing to place priority on diversity initiatives and educational programs.”

Broussard is proud to have the opportunity to “serve as a business partner, collaborator, employee advocate and contributor to the functional team’s success in the local market.”

Professionally his greatest accomplishments were receiving his bachelor’s degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his Master of Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana, while personally, he is most proud of his roles as father and husband.