Last month, Nashville hosted the 2nd annual CrimeCon – a weekend-long event dedicated to all things true crime. Recently announced, this convention event will be headed to New Orleans in 2019.

Thanks in part to mega popular shows like “Dateline,” “The First 48” and Netflix’s “The Keepers” and “Making A Murderer” the genre of true crime has gained an almost Beatles-like popularity among fans of television, book series, podcasts and U.S. crime history.

When I first heard about the event in Nashville – and the plan to take the show to New Orleans – I knew I had to learn more as my obsession with true crime matches that of any real fan. It was interesting that not only was this just the second year since its inception, but also that there was no other convention like it in the country.

Throughout the three days, CrimeCon held panels, talks and session based on all of true crime fandom’s favorite cast of characters. A few highlights included Nancy Grace, Oxygen’s “Cold Justice” star Kelly Siegler (stay tuned to my interview with the prosecutor) and company, the “48 hours” team and the very popular Golden State Killer panel – which included the police officers that made the arrests and surviving victims of the accused.

I believe one of, if not the, biggest event of the weekend was the panel of “Dateline” correspondents. It was in the biggest conference hall, and almost every chair was filled. The crowd went wild when the four well-known hosts walked out on to stage – Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewics, Dennis Murphy and, the Dateline rock star himself, Keith Morrison – who had fans swooning. I know, when the screams and whistles aimed at Keith Morrison rose from the crowd that I was among my people.

In addition to the true crime stars, CrimeCon 2018 brought thousands of people to Nashville – with each state represented and visitors from at least five other countries.

With the growing popularity of the event, and the never-ending obsession with all things true crime-related, I’m positive that New Orleans will bring the same crowd, if not more, and enthusiasm of the 2018 Nashville event.

True Crime Meets NOLA History