“If you’re going to be onstage, you’ll have to have a burlesque stage name,” said Trixie Minx not long into our lesson on stage at The Saint hotel, where Minx performs on Fridays. Of the things we had already learned – starting from the head down: flirtatious looks, shimmies, the bump and grind and how to walk “like you’re dragging your big toe through nail polish” – for some reason this question stalled us.

Performing burlesque isn’t as easy as it looks. “It takes a lot of talent and work that I don’t think people realize,” says Kelly Massicot, this magazine’s Web Editor, who took the class with me.  “And on top of that, the choreography, staging, props, music and costumes all have to be on point and precise, and that’s difficult.”

After we had decided on Lacey La Femme (Massicot) and Kiki Kaboom (me) we learned different techniques for using gloves, feather boas and feather fans while dancing.

We didn’t take off any clothing, but the class was revealing another way; it helped teach us to be comfortable in our own skin. As Massicot says, “The burlesque community shows and teaches women that it’s OK to love your body and express your sexuality.”

Personally, I came home and was trying out the “taking off one glove with your teeth” move in a mirror when I realized my husband was behind me smiling; I can promise you I’ll be practicing these moves for years.

Prices for classes are available on request. For more information and to inquire about taking a class, email Trixie@TrixieMinx.com.