The old expression about the best meals served in our internationally respected restaurant town being served in people’s homes is absolutely correct. Every chef within shouting distance will credit their mothers and fathers for setting them on a winning path.

Rebecca Wilcomb, James Beard Award winning chef at Herbsaint, will tell you that her nonni, grandmother Gianna, was and still is the inspiration of her career and life. Partnering with oft-awarded chef and multiple restaurant owner, Donald Link, Rebecca has made her grandmother very proud with the opening of Gianna, inspired by the family’s Italian heritage in the Veneto region of that storied land.

Keeping with the “home” theme, Bar Manager Ben’s grandfather-in-law was an Italian immigrant fond of Bourbon, and he loved a good Boulevardier as much as the next new American. In his honor, Ben has created the Tulio, a dual nationality drink if ever there was one.



1 oz Campari

1 oz Coffee Cynar*

1.5 oz Bourbon

Bar spoon saline (1 oz (volume) salt/ 10 oz. (volume) of water)

Stir, strain over big cube of ice in rocks glass, orange twist

*Coffee Cynar 

1 Liter of Cynar artichoke aperitif

1 cup of whole coffee beans

Combine, store in air tight container for as long as desired.

As created and served at Gianna, 700 Magazine Street, 399-0816,