Tummy Troubles

Getting rid of post-holiday belly fat.

Dear Guys,
I couldn’t help myself. I ate too much over the holidays, and it all seems to have settled on my stomach. Everything I put on feels tight and uncomfortable. I need this nice little belly to go away! How can I shift these extra pounds fast?

First of all, don’t panic! Many people are in the same position as you.

But don’t think 100 crunches are going to do the trick. Belly fat is like all fat, so you need to follow a low-fat diet and start an effective exercise plan that includes:

Weight training. This is essential, as building muscle speeds metabolism. Metabolism burns unnecessary calories and fat, so the higher your metabolism, the easier it will be to lose those extra pounds.

Intense cardio exercise such as running, jumping, boxing, elliptical training, etc. These activites burn fat fast. It’s best if you constantly increase the intensity and duration so that you’re pushing yourself and forcing your body to use more energy, more calories, more fat.

Core exercises. Instead of doing abdominal spot exercises, core workouts focus on the muscles that run the length of your body, keeping you balanced and supporting the spine. Strengthening your core will help your posture and can frequently ease lower back pain. It will also tighten your abs and love handles, and flatten
your stomach.

Using a combination of the above strategy approximately 45-60 minutes three to four times a week will provide amazing results. If you can, see a personal trainer, even for one session, to set achievable but challenging goals. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Fortunately, you can get a great core workout by using just your own body weight. If you are at the gym, using equipment can make it even more fun. My personal favorite core drills are:

Side plank
Crunches on a BOSU
Bicycle on a BOSU
Hanging knee raises
Crunches using a medicine ball or stability ball
Medicine ball with wood chop
Reverse crunches
Flutter kicks
Pikes on exercise ball or TRX

If you need advice on how to do these exercises, call Hudson and Billy at 269-9990 or 737-1577.

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