The Bucktown All-stars, based in Metairie, La., is a nine-man band specializing in brass, funk and soul; just the kind of music Louisiana loves. If you’ve seen them play, it was probably at Rock ‘n’ Bowl in Mid-City, where they’re known for playing sassy brass and well-known cover tunes.

Band manager (and former member) Stephen Lundgren compiled the band’s answers to a few questions, to give adoring fans a little more information on their “Favorite Local Band.”

For the folks who’ve been missing out, describe your sound. “Rock and roll and horn-powered R&B meet in New Orleans and they catch a parade at a tailgate party where somebody gets married. If that’s too hard to understand, it’s 1960s classic R&B and soul, ’70s funk and New Orleans music mixed with laughs, a lot of personality and an attitude that says ‘Let’s party’!”

You’ve performed at several local charity events; does the band have a favorite event or organization? “We play the Back to the Beach Festival to benefit the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation every year and always have a great time … something about being outdoors on the lake in the summer. We also enjoy the March Of Dimes ‘Spotlight on Success’ gala auction each year, so much so that we auctioned off our saxophone player two years ago.

“We’ve been honored to be included in the annual Angels Undercover CD for every year since its inception, which benefits Angel’s Place charity for children with terminal illnesses. To follow up on that, we’re currently in the process of establishing a charitable foundation among what someone once termed the ‘Big 5’ Cover Bands in the city; Bucktown All-Stars, Topcats, Bag O’ Donuts, Molly Ringwalds, and Chee Weez. This foundation will serve selected charities with funds raised from private and public donations and proceeds from a monster gala with all five bands performing.”
If you got booked on a tour bus with only eight seats, who would you make ride on the luggage rack? “While our keyboard player Rod ‘The Show’ Schouest has proven to be our strongest member and could probably hang on the longest, trombonist Daniel Davis has proven his worthiness of the luggage rack by already having been locked in the band’s equipment trailer for 30 minutes in the basement of the Wyndham Canal Place.”

Who are some of your favorite local bands? “We get along great with our fellow cover bands – Topcats, Donuts, Mixed Nuts, Chee Weez, Mollys, Boogie Men. We all have great non-competitive and sharing relationship that’s really unique among musicians. On those rare occasions when we can actually go out and see other bands, it’s Papa Grows Funk, The Subdudes, Jon Cleary, Bonerama, Twangorama and Morning 40 Federation, to name a few.”

What does the future hold for the Bucktown All-Stars? “Fun, fun, and more fun. We’re blessed in being able to play music and have fun for 15 years now. Hopefully the future holds more of the same and we’ll continue to bring the show for another 15-plus. That, and the opportunity to play for the celebration when the Saints win the Super Bowl!”

The Guys: Wes Raymond, Lead Vocals; Rod “The Show” Schouest,Keyboards; Kenny Kerth, First Trumpet; Ryan Thibodaux, Second Trumpet; Daniel Davis, Trombone; Mike Hotstream, Saxophone; Steve Alfonso, Drums; Reid Wick, Lead Guitar; David Connick, Bass