Aaron Frumin is founder and executive director of unCommon Construction. Frumin first came to New Orleans as a Red Cross volunteer in 2005 to help after Hurricane Katrina. Following his Red Cross work, Frumin became involved in the local construction business and soon learned that New Orleans had a shortage of young people who were working in the construction field. He decided to make a difference. Frumin's business, unCommon Construction, hires high school students 16 years and older and introduces them to the world of house construction. Frumin believes young people need to realize that they are valuable; to reinforce this message, he pays the student apprentice workers. Many of these young people hope to go on to become architects, engineers, or skilled workers, while others enter the program to gain knowledge and experience that they can apply to other areas of their lives. In this podcast, Frumin explains what motivated him to start unCommon Construction. 

To support unCommon Construction and its young apprentices who are acquiring valuable construction skills, donate on Give NOLA Day, May 1, at GiveNOLA.org.



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