NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Urban South Brewery, the largest craft brewery in New Orleans, today announced its beer release schedule for 2021. Adding to its growing beer portfolio, Urban South has several new seasonal craft beer offerings, a line of hard seltzers, and a series of specialty releases joining its year-round fan favorites. The brewery will close out 2020 having released more than 190 unique beers ranging from heavily fruited sours to double IPAs.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with our lineup heading into the new year and can’t wait to share some of our favorite beers with our fans,” says Jacob Landry, Founder of Urban South Brewery. “We feel that our expanding lineup represents the evolution of Urban South as a brewery in recent years, and reflects our vision to bring bold innovation to more traditional beer styles.”

Some of the highlights from Urban South’s 2021 calendar include:

  • Seasonal beer turnover: Consumer demand for the award-winning Lime Cucumber Gose prompted Urban South to add the previously seasonal beer to its year-round lineup in 2020. Rocket Pop Gose will launch as the new spring/summer seasonal offering in April 2021, while Throwback Vibes will return as the winter seasonal beer.

  • Paradise Park Hard Seltzer now available year-round: This newly released line of hard seltzers will be available for fans to enjoy all year. Seltzer flavors are inspired by some of Urban South’s most popular beers and currently include Lime Cucumber, Raspberry Limeade and Rocket Pop. Urban South plans to continue expanding the Paradise Park brand family in 2021.

  • New series of specialty releases: New for 2021, Urban South will release a rotation of specialty beer throughout the year. Highlights include popular Snoball Juice variants, a Jameson barrel-aged coffee stout, and a variety of 10-K Goses inspired by the regional sports drink.

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