Valentine’s Day


I’m not particularly “into” Valentine’s Day, but I’m aware that I’m in the minority on this issue and I don’t begrudge people who want to take a night to celebrate love. Because love, with a little help from inertia, makes the world go ‘round.

Do we have a day to celebrate inertia? We do not.

I do recognize the difference between love and inertia, though, and am very grateful that I have the pleasure of my wife’s company. I hope you are similarly situated where romance is concerned.

I cannot hope to apprise you of all of the Valentine’s Day events at various establishments, but I can point you to a few that are likely to be good. For example, Marjie’s Grill is hosting a Thai beach party, and while I don’t have a menu I would be very surprised if they weren’t doing it up right. It’s a place without pretension, but they take the food they serve very seriously. The format seems like a perfect alternative to the sit-down dinner for two most of us think of when we think “Valentine’s Day.”

But speaking of that sort of dinner, there is also a special running at Ralph’s on the Park. I like Ralph’s because it is beautiful and I know that there will always be multiple items on the menu I will very much like, as well as several things that will appeal to those with less adventurous palates. That is a hell of a balancing act to pull off, but Chef Flanagan seems to do it every time I’m there.

The Valentine’s menu is available tonight and through the weekend. For $65 you get the following menu: For appetizers you can choose between truffle risotto and pasta with uni (sea urchin) butter, poached lobster and persillade. The entrées are filet mignon with marchand de vin sauce, or lobster “Americane.” For dessert you can choose red velvet cake or chocolate pave with caramel corn and chocolate sauce.

They had me at “uni butter.” I know doing anything to uni other than serving it over a little rice is anathema to purists, but purists are sometimes assholes and I love uni butter. I know the combination of fatty sea urchin roe and pure milkfat is not good for my cholesterol, but the Lord wouldn’t have made it if he didn’t want us to eat it, right? Amen.

As for us, we will be dining at home. Our immature humans require supervision after dark, and this is not a great night to get a babysitter. Also we like eating at home and cooking together now and again.

I hope that whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s Day, that you enjoy those plans and I further hope that you are not martyred like Saint Valentine.


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