Valerie Gernhauser

How would you describe your role at Sapphire Events?

I founded the company in 2011 and have grown the business into the premier event design and planning firm in the city.

What kind of events does Sapphire specialize in?

Debutante parties, private events, weddings, and celebrations large and small. We love a good party!

Do you have any tactics to get to the concrete details of your clients’ wishes?

I want to know where they shop, how they vacation and what they’ve done with the interior of their home. These details say so much about a person and how their lives can translate into entertainment with specific, personal-touch points; these details can make a big difference.

From where do you draw your inspiration for your events’ intricate designs?

I study art and design trends in fashion and interiors, but most of all I get inspired whenever I travel. The experience of physically transporting to another place is both refreshing and inspiring to me.

Do you have any particularly memorable event experiences?

Suspending 25,000 tulips above a dancefloor in the oldest building in the Mississippi River valley; moving an entire tented wedding ceremony and reception on the Gulf coast up a day to avoid a hurricane; and seating a 150-person table for dinner in the back hall at NOMA are a few career highlights.

What is Sapphire Events’ mission?

I believe we have a great responsibility as architects of monumental experiences, as well as engineering life’s greatest milestones, with a seamless process-driven design that allows our clients to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about yourself or your business?

Our team has grown this year! Our event producer, Jessie Bregman, is joined by new team members Valerie E. Lamb and Caroline Acomb. We are currently busy planning for our 2020 events – it’s going to be a fantastic year!



Sapphire Events, 900 Camp Street, Suite 358, 383-4376,