Vanessa Burst

Vanessa BurstThe locally owned Trinity Realty was formed in 2004 and operates out of Lakeview. Vanessa Burst, who began her
real-estate career more than 10 years ago as an agent, became a broker because she “saw a need for different marketing strategies
than we were seeing in our area.” Trinity specializes in concierge-type, personal service. “I have enjoyed all aspects of creating what
it takes to make a house a home for someone,” she says.

What’s the first thing you discuss with
a client?

For a buyer, we will ask questions about preferences in homes in addition to other areas. This might be a question about lifestyle, space, light, quality, style, condition and use. This way we are able to understand the psychology behind what they truly desire in a home setting. Once this detailed profile of each client is complete, we are able to show only the homes that are within their parameters.
For the seller, the first meeting is to view the property firsthand to determine a strategy in order to play up a property’s selling points. No two properties are marketed exactly alike. Through many years of experience, we are able to assist our sellers in setting top dollar, but realistic prices.
What are some of your goals with the business?
Since Hurricane Katrina, our mission has been to help residents of New Orleans rebuild their homes and lives …We also strive to give back to our local community by sponsoring various local playground events and charities, and firmly believe in supporting the return of vital life and business back to the area we all call “home.”

What makes the business unique?
We are not a large-scale brokerage, rather we are a boutique-style real-estate company catering to high-end clients. Through many years of experience in construction and interior design of high-end homes, we are able to help clients find exactly what they are looking for.

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