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Vaxxed and Fabulous


Georgia hit two big milestones this past week. 

First, thanks to the CDC and FDA and scientists and miracles, she is now eligible for the COVID vaccine, which she received last night. My gratitude and relief are immeasurable. 

Second, thanks to literacy and education and being a digital native, she Googled my name and found this blog (and told me it was “scandalous” that I lied to her about Santa Claus). 

“Do you want to help write a blog?” I asked her. 

“Yes!” she said. 

And so, without further ado, here is a blog post from a recently vaccinated 9-year-old. 

Img 2504

I want to be vaccinated because it will stop the spread of COVID, and I can also shove it in anti-vaxxers’ faces. My grandmother can’t get vaccinated, so I am getting vaccinated to protect her and to be able to see her for Christmas. I was slightly nervous, but then my dad told me it was a very small needle, and also I found out that we get a smaller dose because we are kids. I am not scared about the vaccine because I know it will protect the people I love. Well, I am scared, but it’s still worth it. I also could not go to school for a while because I was exposed to COVID at school, even though I got a negative result. I don’t want to have to keep quarantining. I want to get back to living my life. COVID has made a big impact on my life and I think almost everyone’s life, as well. It was very stressful going through my first pandemic ever, but luckily I had a great and very cute and cuddly dog, a fantastic mom and dad, a really supportive sister and brother, and obviously I love the CDC. After getting my vaccine, I want everyone to know that it really isn’t that bad. It sort of just feels like a pinch. Even better, for all the kids out there, if you do it without too much fuss, your parents will probably get you a treat. But the best part is that anybody can get vaccinated if they’re at least 5. And you get to protect all your loved ones who can’t get vaccinated or are old and might get really sick even with the vaccine. TRUST ME. I now have experience!





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