These fashion-forward locals embrace their personal styles while staying chic – whether it’s a vintage, eclectic look; a modern, edgy style; or a classic, timeless silhouette. Our five picks exude confidence because they don’t dress to impress – they style for themselves. They are sporting the looks they would wear to their favorite charity event (see pg. 51 for a complete Registry of Charitable Events). These New Orleanians are making a splash in fashion and an even bigger impact on the community.

Veritably Vogue

Kacey Hill

Age: 31

Occupation: Public Relations Manager, The National World War II Museum

What nonprofit do you honor with your photo? The National World War II Museum

What is the dress code of this event? Cocktail 
Favorite dress code: Definitely cocktail, which in New Orleans can mean anything from short and sassy to floor-length gowns

Personal Style: I feel like “eclectic” is a cop-out but I really do love to mix and match. I’m inspired by the sleek lines and high waists of the 1940s and the full skirts from the ’50s, but I also love modern trends like crazy, bright-colored knits from American Apparel or obscenely giant handbags. Although my daily look can be pretty diverse it almost always includes heels, pearls and red Chanel lipstick. I hate pants and I generally don’t do casual well. I think, unless you’re going to a wedding, there’s nothing wrong with being the most overdressed person in the room.

Where do you shop? I hate shopping. I find that so often my favorite things seem to find me when I least expect it.

When I absolutely have to shop, I like vintage and thrift stores: Trashy Diva, Red Lantern and the boutiques on Magazine Street like Branch Out. I try to shop locally as much as I can, but don’t always succeed. I also have my guilty pleasures like Target and Forever21.

Whose style do you admire? I like Dita Von Teese because her look is so over-the-top and stylized. Then there are people, like Anne Hathaway and Nicole Kidman, who do classic in a more realistic sense. But mostly I get my inspiration from people I see on the street. I’m a total style stealer, always looking at what other people are doing and trying to figure out how to make it my own.

What Kacey is wearing in this photo: “This is a vintage dress from Mike Benet Formals. I actually got it years ago from Thrift City … The formals rack there was a goldmine. It used to be a full ball gown but I wore it once and had it chopped off. The seamstress didn’t want to do it. I also lost the ‘Christmas present’ bow!” (Jeanne Vidrine for hair and make-up)

Veritably Vogue

Dr. Robert Matheney

Age: 50

Occupation: Cardiologist with the Heart Clinic of Louisiana

What nonprofit do you honor with your photo? The American Heart Association

Why did you choose them: As immediate past-President of the Greater Southeast Affillitate of the AHA, I applaud their efforts to promote physical fitness and lifestyle changes that will bring prevention to the forefront of community and individuals. It’s not enough to develop new drugs and treatment options; it’s time to prevent the occurrence!

What is the dress code of this event? Dressy Business Attire.

Favorite dress code: I spend many days in scrubs. Getting dressed up in business attire for the evening is refreshing.

What trend do you dislike? That’s easy: today’s loose-fit pants.

Personal Style: I am conservative and tailored, but comfortable. Being fashionable isn’t solely about your taste or the style of one’s clothing. Physical fitness is the best accent to any outfit.

Is your significant other well-dressed? My wife Beverly is very stylish and has a great eye for what looks good on both of us. I must say I defer the final decision to her!

Where do you shop? Saks and Rubenstein’s, especially when looking for my favorite designer, Armani. The Men’s Warehouse has suits that are reasonably priced and with minor alterations make for a good look at any business meeting.

Favorite designers: Italian Designers Armani, Canali and Hugo Boss

Favorite outfit: My gray Armani suit from Rubenstein’s

Whose style do you admire? Being one of six brothers, I always admired the style of my oldest brother, Roy. He worked at a men’s clothing store as a youngster and developed an eye for style.

Veritably Vogue

Dr. Ralph and Pam Lupin

Age: “Ageless” 
Occupation: Retired fashion and commercial model (Pam); OBGYN, attorney, retired General for the Natl. Guard (Ralph)

What nonprofit do you honor with your photo? NOCCA

What is the dress code of their gala? Casual Cocktail

Favorite dress code: Formal

What trend do you dislike? (The) disheveled look: messy hair, improperly fitting clothing

Personal Style: Chic, comfortable clothing

Is your significant other well-dressed? Pam: Yes – suits, sport coats and slacks look distinguished, which he is!

Where do you shop? Locally: Saks and Mimi; London: Armani; Milan, Venice, Paris: Pollini, Apostrophe and Armani

Favorite designer: Armani – my very favorite because I rarely need alterations; St. John Knits are perfect for travel.

Favorite outfit: black Armani suit

Whose style do you admire? Pam: Most of my fashion icons are dead, but I love Gwyneth Paltrow.

What they are wearing in this photo: Pam: Apostrophe light taupe silk dress, purchased in Paris June 2010; Pollini taupe/black shoes purchased in Venice, Italy 2009 Ralph: Ermenegildo Zegna suit

Veritably Vogue

Francine Ballard

Age: 38

Occupation: Founder and editorial director, DesignerSocial, a fashion e-commerce website and blog

What nonprofit do you honor with your photo? I chaired the Zoo-To-Do auction this year, and help out with the SPCA, as well as Touro Hospital and of course (Avenue executive editor) Bev’s YA/YA.

What is the dress code of this event? The spring event for Zoo-To-Do is supposedly black-tie, but from what I’ve observed it’s kind of an “anything goes” type deal.

Favorite dress code: Not a huge fan of dress codes, actually.

What trend do you dislike? Um… so many, but acid wash comes to mind right now.

Personal Style: I love pairing designer neutrals with fabulous accent pieces. Accessories are the best way to express your style.

Is your significant other well-dressed? He would say so, yes.

Where do you shop? I actually end up buying a lot of my own merchandise – although it makes me happier to see it on someone else. My job is a constant exercise in self-restraint. Other than that I’m in New York City about once a month, so I still shop a lot in my old neighborhood. It’s funny, I haven’t lived there for almost three years now, but the sales people at Intermix on Bleeker Street wouldn’t know it! Here, I like Weinstein’s and T.

Favorite designers: My favorites change every season depending on what comes down the runway, but for fall I’m really into Balmain. They make these sequin pants that are to-die-for. Isabel Marant and Rag & Bone were strong, as well. If there’s one designer I admire for personal reasons it’s Stella McCartney. She’s a huge proponent of sustainable fashion, which is very interesting to me.

Favorite outfit: I’m the quintessential jeans and T-shirt girl. It’s pretty much my uniform. As you can probably deduce, I’m obsessed with accessories so it’s a perfect blank canvas for me.

What Francine is wearing in this photo: Rick Owens top, J Brand jeans, Chanel belt worn as a necklace, Alexis Bittar cuff bracelets and Miu Miu shoes.