Vintage Wedding: Ana Ester Garfinkel and Dr. Juan Jorge Gershanik

June 18, 1966

Ana and Juan are both from Argentina and met each other when Ana was 16 and Juan was 19. Ana was in college studying to be a teacher and Juan was in medical school when they met at a special lecture that Juan came to with his cousins. Ana met Juan and thought he was so handsome and that this could be the one! Juan felt the same way – he thought Ana was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever met! Juan had many years of medical school and fellowships ahead of him, so they dated for five years. Juan decided that he wanted to study in the United States in Miami, but before his internship he went to Europe with his friends for six months of studying there. While there, he decided not to go to Miami without Ana. Ana’s mom had to plan the wedding in two months!

The wedding took place, first in a civil ceremony on June 14, 1966, and then the fabulous wedding and reception for 500 friends and family at Temple de la Asociación Israelita de Beneficencia. This was a spectacular wedding and reception with only the best for Ana and Juan! Ana’s dress was created by the finest seamstress in Rosario, and they entered the synagogue through an elaborate canopy covered with fresh flowers and greenery. After the ceremony they went into the reception area, where guests were treated to appetizers in one room, then went to another room for the seated dinner for 500 with a fabulous band. The last room featured sweets along with a beautiful wedding cake.

After the wedding, there was no time for a honeymoon, so they spent a few days in Miami, went to the beach and had a wonderful time – there would be lots of time for honeymoons later.

Everyone knows Dr. Juan Gershanik as a famous neonatologist and philanthropist, and Ana as an amazing philanthropist, columnist and former teacher. After living in Miami; Lexington, Virginia; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Charleston, South Carolina, they settled in New Orleans. They have three children, Alex, Vivianne and Esteban, and six beautiful grandchildren.