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Here we are, at the dates of the Jazz Fest That Should Have Been.

It’s times like these—when we can vividly picture ourselves crowding into the fairgrounds, donning our hats and slathering on sunscreen—that we fully start to comprehend the historical shift we’re collectively experiencing.

Who would have expected, when the 2020 Jazz Fest lineup was announced back in January, that we would not get to see the likes of Lizzo, the Who, Lionel Richie, the Wu-Tang Clan or countless other musical legends this weekend? That the fairgrounds would be empty, or that we’d each be relegated into our respective homes after weeks of isolation, with no idea when things will return to normal?

At RenPub, we’re feeling the same pang of loss and frustration as all New Orleanians—and all people around the world, for that matter. However, we have to remember that, unlike our usual societal pauses during hurricane season, the sun still shines. Who’s to say that we can’t put on our Bayouwear from seasons past, mix ourselves a strawberry and rum daiquiri, and grasp that irreplaceable Jazz Fest feeling?

That’s certainly what we intend to do, and we invite you to join us. Set up your comfiest chair in the backyard, grab a cold drink, and fire up one of our 2020 Jazz Fest playlists—featuring the acts you would have seen.

We might be physically distant, but the spirit of New Orleans and Jazz Fest has, and always will, live inside us. Let’s make this a Fest like no other.




Jazz Fest isn’t only beloved for its musical acts — we also love it for the years of memories, good times, great stories and, of course, excellent food it’s given us. We’re sharing love letters to Jazz Fest, written odes to the best things Jazz Fest has given us all, because sharing makes it feel a little less like a loss. Read the love letters and submit your own!


We’ve put together a Jazz Fest playlist for easy listening — and for those who are really missing the Fest (us included) we’ve made Spotify playlists for each day for both weekends. The first weekend was just published; the second one is on its way! Don’t miss out on your favorites, and maybe you’ll come across a few new artists that will be your favorites next year.

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