Vote Vote Vote

Get to the ballot box, people!

I had a depressing reminder pop up in my Facebook memories this week, from way back when they would auto-fill your name and then you had to enter your “status” in a weird, stilted third person. 

“Eve wishes she could still vote in Missouri,” it said. 

That was way back in 2008, back when Missouri was maybe sorta kinda a swing state. 

It isn’t now. Not even close.

But Louisiana hasn’t been a swing state in as long as I’ve been a registered voter. 

I remember staying up way too late watching Mary Landrieu defeat Woody Jenkins in 1996 when I was 16. It was exhilarating as a teenage girl to see Louisiana’s first female senator get elected. 

Now I have my own almost-16-year-old daughter and I have no illusions that we will elect a Democrat to the Senate. 

I’m still voting, though. 

I’m voting because it’s a right that women fought for. 

I’m voting for my two daughters. 

I’m voting for all of my students. 

I’m voting because I believe in making my voice heard even when I know what I have to say might not be popular. 

I’m voting because I know what my conscience says.

I’m voting because I’d rather try and fight than just give up. 

I’m voting because it matters, even if we aren’t a swing state. 

I hope you vote, too. Even if it’s not the same way I do. 

Vote because it’s important. 

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