Walsh – Lambert

Elizabeth “Stella” Louisiana Walsh and Dennis Groome Lambert had been friends since 2007. In 2009, after two years of being friends, Dennis tried asking Stella out, but she was oblivious to the fact that he was interested in her. At the time, Stella was in the habit of going to dinner with a group of friends on Saturday night, and she invited Dennis to come along to Vincent’s. Her friends sensed that Dennis wanted to ask Stella out on an actual date, so they swiftly dropped out of the standing plans. In the meantime, Stella invited Lynn, a mutual friend of her and her parents, to dinner, who also invited Stella’s parents. Stella and Dennis had the unusual experience of having her parents attend their first date – but Dennis took everything in stride. He even invited Stella to his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party for their second date.

To celebrate their third anniversary, Stella and Dennis decided to go to Vincent’s in memory of their first date. Stella should have known that something was up, because all day her mother, Yvonne LaFleur, and coworkers were asking her what she was going to wear to dinner. Once she arrived at Vincent’s, they were seated in a room they had never sat in before and it seemed like the waiters were ignoring them – which was unusual because they’re regulars. Dennis started talking about Jacqueline Kennedy and how JFK gave her a bangle when they got engaged. He then pulled out a red box from the shelf and presented Stella with a coiled gold encrusted bangle with diamonds that had belonged to his mother.

Stella was just flabbergasted, and to add to their surprise, both her and Dennis’ parents walked up to the table to join in on the celebratory dinner.

After the New Year’s Eve wedding, the two left for a 12-day honeymoon in Italy. They journeyed to Rome and Florence, and were given the gift of a Papal Blessing by Pope Francis. They currently live in New Orleans, where Stella is the Merchandise Manager at Yvonne LaFleur New Orleans and Dennis is an engineer and Chief Market Manger of COWI Marine North America.   

Bride: Elizabeth “Stella” Louisiana Walsh
Groom: Dennis Groome Lambert
Bride’s Parents: Yvonne LaFleur and James C. Walsh
Bride’s Grandparents: The late Cecile LaFleur Taylor, Conroy Owens, Elizabeth and James Walsh
Groom’s parents: Sharon Wood Lambert and Donald G. Lambert
Groom’s Grandparents: Muriel and Wiley Wood; Lillian Grace and John R. Lambert
Groom’s Brunch: Rib Room in the Royal Orleans Hotel
Date of Wedding: December 31, 2014
Ceremony Location: St. Patrick’s Church
Reception Location: The bride’s parents’ home
Reception décor: New Year’s Eve festive with white roses
Coordinators: Ann Johnston – St Patrick’s Church; Nick Hebert – reception
Ceremony Music: Andrew Mills on Organ, Kevin Rouchell on vocals, Ruth Ann Chadwick on Vocals and Carl Hellmers on Trumpet
Wedding Gown: Yvonne LaFleur by Yvonne LaFleur
Ring Bearer: The bride’s sister, Mary Jane Walsh, carried the rings in the processional
Groom’s attire: George Bass by Hickey Freeman (tails) and George Bass made by Samuelsohn (tuxedo)
Ushers: The bride’s brothers Joseph, James, Ryan, John and William, with Patrick Vizard, Foster Heuer, Thomas Thompson, Grant Lambert, Clark Lambert, Ford Lambert and Lee Lambert
Ushers’ attire: Perlis
Engagement Ring: Symmetry
Bride and Groom’s wedding bands: Adler’s
Florist: Gene Luke, Ambrose Garden
Invitation: William Arthur, Gems
Catering: Ralph Brennan’s Catering
Wedding and Groom’s cake: Swiss Confectionary
Photographer: Sonny Randon
Hair and Makeup: John Jay
Music: David Hansen’s Garden District Band

Walsh – Lambert

Walsh – Lambert



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