For Dr. Walter Kimbrough, success is not simply defined by personal gains or profits — it’s defined by how he can improve the lives of the people around him. As President of Dillard University, he is responsible for nurturing the minds of thousands of students, a responsibility he does not take lightly. “Every day I have an opportunity to engage in transforming the lives of students and their families. For some, it means helping them focus their talents and gifts to fulfill their purpose in life. For others, it is exposing them to new ideas and opportunities that they never knew existed. And for some, it means ensuring they graduate, because there may be generations of their family that depend on their success.”

Kimbrough is also passionate about using his platform to advocate for students of all backgrounds, both regionally and nationally, to ensure equal treatment and opportunity for all. Because of his dedicated work, he has been named one of “10 Twitter Accounts Every Higher-Ed Leader Should Follow” by Education Dive and was named a Power 100 honoree by Ebony Magazine, a list that also includes notable figures like Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, and Barack and Michelle Obama.


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