When you are planning every aspect of your wedding day, it's important to ensure your beauty routine and self-care are part of the process. This includes taking the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that there are no grooming hiccups when you're preparing to say “I do.”

We spoke with European Wax Center's Brand Ambassador Melanie Coba about planning out a waxing strategy. The company has a location in Metairie and an Uptown location in the works. Coba provided us with a few tips for future brides to keep in mind before their wedding day.


Here is what she had to say:

  • Keep track of how long it takes for irritation to subside after waxing. Keep in mind, hair grows back thinner and finer with each wax, so irritation will lessen with each appointment.
  • For brides looking to be bronze on their big day, EWC Wax Specialists recommend you get your spray tan or apply self-tanner the day after your waxing appointment or if you experience irritation, wait until irritation subsides.  Freshly waxed areas absorb pigment better so your skin will look smoother and color will last longer.
  • It is essential that you follow post-wax directions from your wax specialist. Also, don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize between appointments in order to keep skin looking healthy and smooth.
  • Finally, don’t cave and shave! Perfectly smooth skin takes time and it’s worth it.


Coba also added some notes on important areas of consideration.

“An eyebrow shaping will accentuate your eyes and frame your face,” she said. “Under a veil or not, eyes will reflect your every emotion so it’s important to define the perfect shape for your face.”

She also mentioned it’s important to focus on your underarms if you’re wearing a strapless or sleeveless gown.

Additional areas she included:

•      For gorgeous wedding gams, consider the full or half leg wax – paying attention to those toes if you’re wearing open toe shoes.

•      A classic bikini wax or a Brazilian wax will leave you feeling your sexiest on your big day (and night).

•      Don’t forget that the removal of any facial hair. Keep the focus on your smile in those inevitable close-up photos you’re paying a pretty penny for.


Stay tuned for additional waxing 101 tips and tricks. Do you have any of your own? Let us know in the comments.


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