The Junior League of New Orleans is proud to award the 2018 Woman Entrepreneur (WE) Fellowship to Greek Girls Rice Pudding, a local company who shares servings of their family recipe made with simple, local ingredients.

Artemis Antippas, owner and founder of the food company was excited when she won.

“As a woman, I can’t stress enough how much of an honor it is to have the Junior League of New Orleans choose my company as the winner. JLNO is a great group of women to align myself with, and female to female mentoring is the most empowering thing to help me build a better brand,” said Artemis.

Artemis took a generational dish passed down by word of mouth, woman to woman, in her family and packaged the recipe to make it available in the greater New Orleans area.

Artemis explained, “I was home during a college break and after eating the rice pudding it dawned on me that this was too delicious not to share. My sister (Athena) and I starting working on getting the recipe right from my mom and grandmother and today we are in about 30 retailers in the metro area.”


WE Fellowship Winners


With our focus on advancing the wellbeing of women, JLNO believes that increasing women’s business opportunities improves the local economy. One way to cultivate entrepreneurial success is access to mentors and advisors. JLNO’s membership includes a diverse, professional cadre that can motivate and guide women wishing to scale their businesses.

Catalyzing JLNO’s mission of developing the potential of women and improving communities the League has created the Woman Entrepreneur (WE) Fellowship. This year-long program supports a female business owner with mentoring and in-kind services sourced through JLNO’s membership. Guidance includes: Legal and Human Resources; Accounting Financial Analysis; Investor Development; Marketing  Communications; Management Organizational Consulting. Collaboration with the WE Fellow will determine focused goals within these broad areas and a plan addressing her business’s specific needs. The WE Fellowship also provides a $7,500 grant, access to work/meeting space, nonprofit board training, and marketing opportunities with JLNO’s membership. The WE Fellowship is supported by a generous donation from Fidelity Bank.

Artemis, along with five other finalists, pitched their ventures before an audience and panel of judges on March 20 at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW). JLNO’s WE Fellowship selection committee then chose the six finalists from applications representing a variety of industries and identified the applicants that could receive maximum benefit from the award.

JLNO president Kristen Koppel said, “We’re thrilled to begin work with Greek Girls Rice Pudding and give them the resources they need to grow and thrive.”


WE Fellowship Winners


“I’ve already had phone calls from members of the Junior League reaching out to me to see if I need anything and wanting to set up meetings to get this fellowship kicked off. I’ve also had my first meeting with Fidelity Bank. Everyone is so giving and willing to help out,” Artemis exclaimed.

She is looking forward to sitting down with JLNO members to help streamline her contracts and other paperwork. The entrepreneur admitted that doing paperwork is not fun, but it’s a necessity to have a successful business.

“I see Greek Girls Rice Pudding being more than a local favorite, but a national brand. My ultimate goal is to turn my great-great grandmother’s recipe into a desired international delight, bringing the pudding to Greece and the United Kingdom.”

Before Artemis decided to package and provide one of her favorite foods to the public, she was putting glitter on another classic dish and taking award-winning pictures. In August of 2014 she made her exhibition debut at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s annual “Louisiana Contemporary,” where she was awarded an honorable mention. Her Chicken photo series is an eye catching colorful collection that will bring out the happy in anyone who sees it.

Now focusing on Greek Girls Rice Pudding, Artemis starts her day making deliveries.

“My product is as needed. When a customer calls and says they need the rice pudding. I deliver it from the French Quarter to River Ridge."

The remaining day is spent cooking, contacting, and cultivating.

“If I’m not in the kitchen then I am trying to figure out how to expand my client base. I’m grateful that the Junior League will assist me all year expanding. I’m also trying to figure out how to keep my current customers satisfied and create growth,” she said.

Junior League of New Orleans congratulates Greek Girls Rice Pudding, and is looking forward to a successful partnership.



WE Fellowship Winners

TOP LEFT (WE) Fellowship Chai,  Jennifer Bernard Allen with the 2018 audience winner Niki Da Jon of La Shop Hair Boutique and Chav Pierce from La Porte CPAs & Business Advisors. Photo by: Taylor S. Pospisil TOP RIGHT (WE) Fellowship Chair, Jennifer Bernard-Allen, JLNO President Kristen Koppel, JLNO Secretary, Courtney Nalty, and JLNO Communications Council Director, Anna Dearmon Kornick, pictured at the WE Fellowship Pitch. Photo by: Taylor S. Pospisil BOTTOM LEFT Ladies of Junior League Kathlyn Bethune, Hartley Crunk, Alice Glenn and Evie Poitevent Sanders in attendance at the 2018 (WE) Fellowship Pitch. Photo by: Taylor S. Pospisil BOTTOM RIGHT (WE) Fellowship Chair Jennifer Bernard-Allen with the 2018 WE Fellowship Winner Artemis Antippas owner of Greek Girls Rice Pudding. Photo by: Taylor S. Pospisil