Weather-Proof Your Makeup

With 219 days of sunshine a year and being the No. 1 city for humidity in the country (averaging 76 percent year round), it’s no wonder brides getting married in the Crescent City worry about how to stay perspiration-proof, cry-proof and smudge-free on their wedding day.  

Despite challenging weather conditions that can easily include a tropical rainstorm or two, brides have no need to fear. The technology in the products available today and the talent pool of makeup artists to apply them, means that brides can rest easy that their makeup will be perfect come rain or shine.

That is, as long as they take three critical steps.

Natalie Cogan of About Face in Mandeville explains the first must-do.

“At the initial consultation with my brides, many of them have concerns about the longevity of their makeup and how often they will need to reapply,” says Cogan. “I tell them we start by getting the canvas right. We make sure their skin is in its optimum condition to receive the make up we are going to put on it. That means using the right skincare regime for their skin type in the months leading up to the wedding. So when it comes to the make up, their skin is well hydrated, moisturized and as healthy as possible.”

The second step is taking the time to prime, says Meggan Ory of Make Up by Meggan.

“Primer is critical; it stops makeup from sweating off your skin,” says Ory.  “I always prime everything: eyes, lips and even eye lashes as well as the face to make sure everything else I put on my brides, stays put.”

Suzette Stuprich of Eye Do Makeup Artistry takes us through the last move.

“The most critical decision is the foundation,” says Stuprich. “I believe the best option by far, is a silicone-based airbrush foundation because it’s waterproof, sweat proof and even cry proof!  

“It lasts 16 to 24 hours and you can create as much coverage as you like, from light and natural to a heavier more sophisticated look.  The silicone formula adheres to the skin, so the look is completely flawless, no matter what the weather.”

Once the base is on, it’s time for the fun stuff: eye shadows and blush, lipsticks and liners. Cogan advises brides to make sure the products they or their artists are using are high quality.  The pigment in them is better so they are more durable and vibrant for a longer period of time.

The last thing you need to do according to Natasha Paul of Wink Eyelash Bar & Makeup Studio, is use a setting spray.

“It acts as a barrier to the skin and extends the life of all the makeup you are wearing,” says Paul. “With the right products, no matter how hot, rainy or humid it might be, the only thing you should need to touch up are the lips.  

Paul advises against long-lasting lip stains for brides, because they dry out the lips.

“It’s very easy for the bride to become dehydrated anyway,” says Paul. “A cream-based lipstick gives her the moisture and color she needs.”

The makeup lesson?  Keep your lipstick close and smile, your makeup has the stamina to keep going as long as you do.

Start a healthy skin care regimen as soon as possible. Not only will you glow on your wedding day, it will help protect your skin underneath heavy makeup.

Honeymoon Must-Haves

Some of the latest products to keep you feeling special and looking gorgeous for your honeymoon:
New Gucci Nail varnish: The luxury label’s first foray into makeup, these varnishes in high gloss come in fabulous colors like Iconic Gold, Voile, Iconic Red and Wild Amarena
New Sun Serums: With a few drops, they turn your moisturizer into a self tanner to give you a gorgeous sun-kissed glow; seek them out at Clarins and Guerlain
Safe Tans: The safest way to look sun-kissed is with the latest self-tanners; invest in a good body scrub beforehand to create an even sheen
Instant Lip Lift: New lip primers come with microbeads which can make your lips look one “size” bigger, combine with a moisturizing lipstick or bright lip balm on top to maintain the fullness for longer
Shine Erasers: If you want to glow without looking shiny, forgo the powder (which can look cakey) and try one of the new anti-shine mattifer powders or good old blotting paper
Hair Savers: Invest in a microfiber towel to take with you to dry your hair, a cotton one has fibers and loops that get caught in the hair, ripping open cuticles and creating frizz.
Keratin Treatment: To tame unruly locks and make your hair more manageable, the new treatments do not contain formaldehyde.  A “mini” lasts two to three months. Get frizz-free locks for five to six months with the full treatments.  Make sure you have the treatment a month before the big day to avoid hair being too flat.
Co-washes or conditioning cleansers: These are the hot new things in New York salons and there are over-the-counter variations available too.  Instead of stripping the hair of oils like shampoos, co-washes are gentler and are detergent-free. They lift impurities using essential oils and aloe vera and claim to make hair less frizzy and brittle.



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