Is there anything that excites yet gives butterflies as much as preparing for a wedding day? So much to think about, what to wear, and of course, makeup! Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or the mother of the groom, these tried and true makeup tips will help you look fresh and fabulous as you dance the night away.

I wanted to get the skinny on some new products and tips, so I headed to the mecca of beauty products and found makeup artist Alice Bassil at Sephora in Lakeside Mall. I was looking for a dewy, sheer foundation and as she expertly picked three for me to try. I asked her what bridal beauty tips she thought are most important:

1. Stick with the tried and true.
Bassil advises, “Don’t just choose a product because you read about it on the Internet. The big day isn’t the day to try something for the first time.” It is always important to work with the new product well beforehand, so you know if you like the way it performs. This applies to skincare as well – don’t switch up the month of the wedding or you may suffer allergies or breakouts.
2. Do not wear SPF the day of the event.
Yes, I know this contradicts much of what you read, but for photos you need to skip this step. SPF reflects light, so when you’re photographed with flash it will reflect off of your skin giving a whitish or ghostly appearance, and your face will appear up to three shades lighter than your body.
3. Do not wear matching makeup.
Yes, you pick a color as a theme for your wedding – usually starting with your bridesmaids’ dresses – and that’s great, for your decor. “If you don’t want your wedding to look dated or like a prom,” Bassil says, “don’t match your eyeshadow color to the dresses.”
4. Strive for radiance not sparkle.
There is a big difference between radiance and sparkle; sparkle is glitter, whether big flecks or little flecks, but both should be left for Mardi Gras, whereas radiant means your face seems to glow or there’s a little shimmer that highlights key points.
5. Think about going faux.
Bassil and I agree wholeheartedly that, “Every bride needs a more defined lash.” I prefer mascara and a nice feathery soft faux lash to really kick up the shape of the eye. There isn’t a red carpet that isn’t covered with faux lashes for this very reason: your eyes look better in photos with a lash.
6. Taking it tear-proof.
Anastasia makes a clear mascara that, once applied over your own mascara, becomes waterproof. Bassil recommends using Clinique’s “Take the Day off” to remove makeup, especially the waterproof kinds.
7. Seal your look.
Make Up For Ever makes a product called “Aqua Seal” that “instantly converts your favorite makeup products into waterproof formulas.” This stuff rocks!
8. Powder everyone.
This is my tip: If you have a makeup artist or a talented bridesmaid, don’t forget to lightly powder down the groom (and groomsmen) – but make sure to protect the tux from powder sprinkles. I can’t tell you how many wedding shots I have seen with a beautiful, matte, fresh-looking bride standing next to a shiny groom.
9. Rest your red.
Maybe that intense red can take a break for the day. Opting for a softer lip won’t leave a huge mess once he leans in “to kiss the bride.” Bassil recommends Dior Addict fluid stick because, “it’s like if full-coverage lipstick and a high-powdered gloss had a baby.” I liked the lasting stain effect it had, too.
10. Professional
There are ways to get a professional look for your wedding to fit any budget. Sephora will give you lessons beforehand, or you can book an appointment for your special day. The price is redeemable in product! I recommend Alice Bassil: she’s charming, knowledgeable and good!