Wedding Day Real Talk

It seems like there are a million different aspects to a wedding. With all of the decisions to make and things to remember, it's easy to forget the little things. So how does a blushing bride make sure she doesn't have a forgetful moment? First and foremost, plan early, give assignments to the bridal party and take advice from real NOLA brides. We decided to ask some of the real NOLA brides in the Renaissance Publishing office to give their best advice on what to remember the day of the wedding.

“Remember that no matter how organized and well-prepared you are, something might still go awry,” says Melanie Spencer, editor of New Orleans Bride Magazine and LTEC. “Nine times out of 10, your guests probably won’t notice any glitches. If at the end of the day you and your love have tied the knot, that and the marriage you are about to build together, is what really matters.”

Morgan Packard, managing editor of New Orleans Magazine and St. Charles Avenue Magazine, says to remember safety pins, chalk and scissors. "During my reception, between the first dance and the cake, so many people had stepped on my crinolines that sections had ripped out and I was tripping on them," says Packard. "One of my bridesmaids literally crawled under my skirt between my legs and laid on her back cutting out the ripped parts with the scissors she packed. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, Dave Malone of the Radiators and Mark Mullins of Bonerama (who had just gone on break) came up to say hi – and then my bridesmaid poked her head out between my legs and the giggles went into overdrive."

"If you are having an outside wedding or ceremony make sure to pack a bag with curling iron/straighter with brush, bobby pins, hair ties and hairspray," said Tiffani Amedeo, art director of New Orleans Bride Magazine. "The weather can change your beautifully fixed hair in a minute."

Production and web manager Staci McCarty says that her biggest advice is a one-stop beauty shop. "I was almost late for the photographer at my mom's house because we got our hair and makeup done at a salon," says McCarty, "I would suggest to lessen the stress by having everything done in one place. I felt so rushed my brother had to remind me to brush my teeth." 

On a lighter note, Lisa Picone, sales associate for New Orleans Magazine, says, "My biggest advice is don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to dance and don’t forget to assign someone the duty of always making sure your glass is full! My reception was almost over and I realized I hadn’t even sampled my specialty cocktail!"

Below is a handy list of a few additional things we suggest preparing the night before or making sure you remember on the Big Day:


  • Tip envelopes: make sure to gather any last minute vendor payments and tips for DJs, food service, etc. Pick a member of your family or bridal party to be in charge.
  • Emergency bag: pack a small bag with anything and everything you may need: deodorant, flip flops, safety pins, bobby pins, a brush, Tide-To-Go pen, etc. 
  • Get a good night sleep and drink lots of water
  • Legal documents: make sure your marriage license, as well as drivers license and any passports or documents you need if you leave directly for your honeymoon.
  • Snacks: make sure to keep yourself fed and hydrated throughout the entire day.



Did you forget something on your wedding day? Share in the comments what you wish you would've known.



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