The Let Them Eat Cake team is always getting inquiries about the hottest places to have your wedding in New Orleans, or the best food for that late night bite at the end of your reception.

Recently, we’ve gotten questions about where to have a bridal shower. We quickly realized that though we’ve highlighted venues for receptions, locations that serve a mean wedding brunch, and everything between, we’ve haven’t highlighted the places to have a bridal shower.

With that in mind, we decided to start a new bridal shower location series.

First up, we head to the historic New Orleans French Quarter.

Wedding Parties: Bridal Shower, Part 1
*Brennan's courtyard. Photo provided by Brennan's

The Brennan family is not only top of the list when it comes to culinary excellence, but also for New Orleans nuptials.

Brennan’s Restaurant on Royal Street has a few rooms perfect for a bridal shower. The Queen’s Room adds a regal touch, with a bit of Carnival flair, while the courtyard is imbued with historic, southern charm with exposed brick, fountains and gorgeous balconies.

Another Brennan family delight is Tableau on S. Peter Street, nestled up against the Le Petit Theatre and the St. Louis Cathedral. The Library, located on the second floor of the space, is adorned with a gold leafed ceiling and gorgeous views of the courtyard and the cathedral. The courtyard is suited to any bridal event, or couple’s can opt for a soiree in the theatre, where events are also coordinated by the Tableau team.

Close to both Brennan restaurants is the chic and modern Salon by Sucre. Many New Orleanians, and frequent visitors to the city alike have indulged in some sweet treats from the dessert boutique Sucre. Above the sweet shop’s Conti Street location is Salon by Sucre. The Salon offers party organizers the opportunity to rent a back room or the entire floor. Savory food items match the sophistication of Sucre’s desserts and for a variety of culinary experiences.

Wedding Parties: Bridal Shower, Part 1
*Tableau's The Library room. Photo by Kelly Massicot

For a listing of additional services, be sure to check out New Orleans Bride magazine’s very handy directory, found here.


Stay tuned for the next part of the bridal shower series.