Wedding Wonders

An interview with makeup artist Tracy Ewell.

Tracy Ewell is no stranger to star clientele; she’s traveled the world working on films, television and fashion shoots, has been featured in numerous publications and has owned her own makeup boutique! Allure magazine named her Best Makeup Artist in Atlanta 2007.

With all the glamour of fashion and celebrity regulars, I love that she’s so down-to-earth. I also love that we both started our illustrious careers as makeup artists painting on the walls as children. I asked Tracy what aspect she liked most about being a makeup artist and she was quick to answer – brides!

Cat: What specifically about Wedding makeup do you enjoy?
Tracy: I like doing weddings because I like being involved in the special day. I enjoy helping a woman achieve her best face. I’m great under pressure, so I tend to help things go smoothly, too. I think most brides misjudge the amount of stress that can arise on their wedding day. Brides spend a great deal of time and energy with every detail of the day from food to flowers, yet [they] underrate the need for the “best face” to go along with it all. In my opinion, a bride’s face is the first thing people notice!

Some feel, “Oh it doesn’t matter, makeup is makeup, how much difference can it really make?” Well let me tell you, makeup matters. You want to look your best under pressure, for photos and in person, and it has to last for hours. A big mistake many make is wearing too
much makeup. A number of women will add layers of makeup in an attempt to look better without really understanding what they’re doing. More makeup is neither more beautiful nor more photogenic.

As a skilled makeup artist, I take into consideration all the details, specifically who the bride is and what makes her feel beautiful. Comfort level can make or break the trust that is built between artist and client, by the end of a wedding, I feel like I’m part of the family.

Some Tips from Tracy:
Make sure you do a trial: You try on your dress over and over; have it fitted again and again. So to me, a bride should know exactly how her face will look before she walks down the aisle.

Bring along photos of looks you may admire.

Carry the right products for touch ups: Your photographer will do their best to capture you

in the best lighting but, as the night goes on, you will eat, drink and hopefully sweat (a little).

So anti-shine and lips retouches are a must!

I am serious about groomed eyebrows. It’s important to have the best shape for your face.

Keep a balance between your lips and your eyes; have you seen those funny bridal pictures with a bride with lipstick so pale – she has no mouth?

Also, if you love to self-tan, leave it for your honeymoon. Faux-tanning looks artificial, and hardly matches any makeup chart. It can make you look
harsh in photos.

Lastly, the true fashion trend is to wear makeup that looks good on you and wear it with confidence.


Tracy Ewell provides wedding makeup for discerning brides-to-be and is also available to for any special occasion. With over a decade’s experience, and by using some of the best make-up and skincare products available on the market, Tracy ensures that every woman is stunning! For more information, please visit

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